Why Princess??

I am a Princess submissive. I understand that can mean different things to different people. Some questions I’ve been asked are as follows: So you’re basically a pillow princess? Does da widdle pwincess need a Daddy? Here are my answers to that: No, I’m not a pillow princess. Yes, it’s true, I do require extra […]

Internships – Recession green shoots my arse recovery

From the Guardian on graduate internships (left leaning brit paper) – “With the economy recovering, the thinktank said it would normally expect to see the positions being replaced with entry-level jobs, but instead they have become a permanent feature of the graduate labour market, often open only to those from more wealthy backgrounds.” from https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/apr/15/unp… […]

Adventures of a Sex Addict #41 – Nina Toubale

I missed a day, but I’m not going to apologize for it because I was taking care of me. One more thing yesterday would have been too much so I concentrated on the most important things. I’m still working on building the Tupperware business, still working on my short-term and long-term disability, still working on […]

Adventures of a Sex Addict #39 – Brighton UK, BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Fetish, United Kingdom BDSM, England, United Kingdom – Nina Toubale

I was so disappointed by my “friends” yesterday that I decided to go back on a legitimate dating website and try to find someone worth my time. I am getting tired of the people who only want sex from me and who aren’t willing to be friends of any sort at all. People who just […]

So she’s wild, pfft! I bet she’s not all that pretty

What does that even mean, wild…wild like what, fetlife wild…pffft, I doubt you are that lucky. They say she’s a bartender,  I’m sure that’s an interesting job..does she know your the jealous type or are you playing it cool for now? I wonder if it’s normal for me to think the way I do, I […]

I am an anxious little (Babygirl, BDSM, Bondage) – Brighton England – London England

i am an anxious little. its a hard thing to be. as a little i am needy and wanting cuddles and kissies and attention. as someone with anxiety i worry i am being too needy or too demanding. both parts of me tend to fight a lot, i want to cry to someone when theres […]

Things I’ve Learned – United Kingdom BDSM – Brighton England – London England

In heavy contemplation today, watching my friend’s pre-teen daughter and her best friend be silly and play around and thinking “I’d have popped a hip out right about there.” I’ve tried like hell to keep a youthful mind and stay as young as I can and keep active, but the body just isn’t always going […]

Facing Fears Within BDSM S&M Bondage and Submission – Brighton England – London England

We all do it… sometimes daily… Tonight was my “Public Moment”…. that moment that I know that I need (and deep down I want) to socialize with people in public…. it isn’t easy…. I went to our local Munch….It is terrifying and scary and ALL of my insecurities float to the surface. I avoid the […]

Adventures of a Sex Addict #36

Flu Day Focusing on getting my Tupperware business off the ground, in between naps, hot tea, and “medication.” Also, when I was at my Grandmother’s house earlier in the week she had given me a huge book of genealogy so I’m adding that to my family tree. It’s a book on her maiden name, which […]

D/s for Dummies (domination for dummies)

Now, I’m no expert. I’m not even that experienced, honestly. When it comes to this lifestyle, I can confidently admit that I have been brought up to fully comprehend and understand the world of kink. My life has been alternative from the start, first having been labeled an “abomination” by my southern baptist grandmother in […]