Subdue Taboo (Croydon England, Croydon UK, BDSM, S&M, Bondage, Sex, Fetish, Escorts, Backpage, Strippers, London England, London UK) Nina Toubale

What’s taboo? What’s taboo for me, may not be taboo for you. Some things are controlled by religious laws Others seek confession for their flaws Self imposed tendencies by choice Many variations of exploits Crossing the line of taboo can be good Feelings of exhilaration, if you would Freedom and fearlessness in conquering the blacklist […]

i want to play with your cock, Backpage, BDSM, Brighton UK, London UK, Hove UK, Haywards Heath UK, Worthing UK, Eastbourne UK – Nina Toubale

Time passes, seasons run together. Yesterday i was young and innocent, and confused and abused. Today at least half of my life is over, perhaps more. My face shows the marks of time and past moments of existence. It has been a life of mostly alone. A lot of mistakes made. i believe my intent […]

Now you’re all dirty again…

She arrives home from work tired. Met at the door I lead her in. The bathroom candlelit already. Incense burning next to steamy water. I remove her clothes gently, helping her into the hot bath. I use the large natural sponge, soaping her curves up slowly. She lays back in the tub smiling. My hand […]

My first big cock (Brighton UK Backpage, London UK, BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Escorts, Fetish, Strippers, Obedience, Domination, Daddy Dom, Baby Girl) – Nina Toubale

Met a guy at park, I greeted him with me against my car and my dildo deep in my ass. He took over fucking me with it, then I felt something warm touching my ass. I reached around and noticed it was his cock. Wow this was a big cock, I wasn’t sure l could […]

Sex makes women dirty, and men heroic. (Domination / Submission, BDSM, S&M, Sex, Bondage, United Kingdom, England, UK) – Nina Toubale

I dreamed I was hunted by demons. I dreamed I was protected by the Winchester brothers from Supernatural, until I allowed Dean Winchester to deflower (ha!) me, and then I was no longer deserving of a gallant knight. I dreamed I was alone, trapped in a corner, protecting (heaven knows why) a box of kittens, […]

A Little’s Fantasy (Daddy Dom / baby Girl)- Nina Toubale

I have this perverted fantasy of being with a pale milfy mummy lady and an athletically built daddy with a chocolate complexion. I’m laying on a changing mat feeling all girly and exposed as mummy takes off my nappy and lays another down in position, right below my botty. She lubes up two fingers and […]

Sissy Girl (Barbie Girl) – Nina Toubale

Hi sissy Hi men Do you want to go for a ride? Sure guys I’ll get right on I’m a sissy girl, in a sissy world Life in panties, it’s fantastic You can touch me here, and fuck me everywhere My fixation, your cumming cocks I’m craving Come on sissy, let’s go party! I’m a […]

Dirty Messages Group Discussion – Nina Toubale

figured I should copy and paste the majority of my perverted writings that were written in response to the discussion requesting whether one wanted the person above to send them a perverted message. Most people have ignored my requests, but I have tried to respond to everyone who wanted one from me. Below are an […]