Force – haringey UK Bondage, brent UK Bondage, harrow UK Bondage, bushey UK Bondage, hillingdon UK Bondage, ealing UK Bondage, camden UK Bondage, islington UK Bondage – Nina Dellis / Nina Toubale

Haringey UK BDSM, Brent UK BDSM, Harrow UK BDSM, Bushey UK BDSM, Hillingdon UK BDSM, Ealing UK BDSM, camden UK BDSM, islington UK BDSM, Wembley UK BDSM, Hayes UK BDSM, Edgware UK BDSM, Brent Park UK BDSM, Greenford UK BDSM, Barnet UK BDSM, Woodford UK BDSM We were laying in bed together, side by side. […]

Well aren’t you the cutest little thing – Brighton UK – London UK

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Shades of “Ach leck mich doch – Kassel Germany, Bordeaux France, Saintes France, Poitiers France, Dubai UAE

Jeder hat davon gehört, keiner gibt’s zu es gelesen zu haben: Shades of Grey Zur Info: Ich habe mich tatsächlich durch alle drei Bücher durchgequält – richtig gelesen, gequält! SPOILER Erstes Buch: Bauerntrampel lernt reichen, extrem attraktiven Kerl kennen. Natürlich ist er total fasziniert von ihr. -> Poppen. Sie verlässt ihn, weil sie nicht seine […]

What is a proud sexual little? – Cambridge UK, Coventry UK

Cambridge UK bdsm, Cambridge UK bondage, Cambridge UK escorts, Cambridge UK strippers, Cambridge UK sex, Cambridge UK anal sex, Cambridge UK s&m, Cambridge UK Bulimia, Cambridge UK Anorexia, Cambridge UK sex toys, Cambridge UK sex shops, Cambridge UK orgies, Cambridge UK swingers Nina Toubale / Nina Dellis So some may wonder why I call myself […]

El pecado original – Spain / España, BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Backpage, Bulimia, Anorexia, Strippers, Escorts

España bdsm, España bondage, España strippers, España escorts, España sex, España sex toys, España anal sex, Hay días que me pongo muy tonta, muy trascendental o como quieran ustedes llamarlo, pero el caso es que de repente me ilumina una mini versión del Espíritu Santo (que no es un gorrioncillo, sino algo más tipo mosquito […]

Reflections: F*ck “Virginity” (Literally) – Toronto Canada

“I think the concept of virginity was created by men who thought their penises were so important it changes who a woman is” – Unknown. I really wish the term “losing virginity” would just die. From my own experience and others that I’ve spoken to or read about, it’s something that makes sex seem like […]

Your Cock Shot – Toulon France, Cannes France, Fréjus France, Antibes France, Montpellier France

I love to look at a man’s cock. My mother always says, “If you’ve seen one… you’ve seen them all.” I disagree, wholeheartedly. A man’s cock is so unique, because each man is unique. They all come in different shapes, sizes, colors. Some have tattoos, some piercings. Some are pretty, some are ugly and some […]

Whipping boy needed- Burgess Hill UK – BDSM, Bondage, S&M, Backpage, Escorts, Strippers, Anorexia, Bulimia, Sex Toys

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Sex Craving – London UK, Brighton UK, Dulwich Village UK, Farmborough UK, Soho UK, Canning Town UK, Birmingham UK, Manchester UK

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That’s My Fuck, lesson in jealousy – UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Dubai BDSM, Abu Dhabi BDSM, UAE BDSM, United Arab Emirates BDSM, Dubai UAE BDSM, Abu Dhabi UAE BDSM, Dubai S&M, Abu Dhabi S&M, UAE S&M, United Arab Emirates S&M, Dubai UAE S&M, Abu Dhabi UAE S&M, Dubai Bondage, Abu Dhabi Bondage, UAE Bondage, United Arab Emirates Bondage, Dubai UAE Bondage, Abu Dhabi UAE Bondage, Dubai […]