I Fear I have a form of Attachment Disorder…. (BDSM, S&M, Escorts, Backpage, Strippers, Bondage, Sex, Streetham UK, Streetham England, Brighton UK, London UK, UK, England, United Kingdom) – Nina Toubale

I fear I have a form of attachment disorder, no not the variety you hear about with babies who fail to bond with their parents, rather the opposite. But let me back up, I am so new to this whole kink experience. Up until 6 months ago I was a serial monogamist. I have no […]

My Sex Life Versus My Career – Nina Toubale

As I spend yet another evening surrounded by work and devices pinging every 2 minutes demanding my attention, it crosses my mind once again why my career progression seems to stamp out any kind of sex life I might actually enjoy. Can people still work 9-5? Is that an option in this day and age, […]

found my first crazy……

I thought this was a funny video so I made a comment on it. It was erased so I can’t tell you exactly what I said. It went something like this though This is funny stuff, it just goes to show how much “crazy” women release when they are flooded with oxytocin from sex. I’m […]

Nina Toubale, Brighton England, Paris France, BDSM S&M Bondage Stripper

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