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Time passes, seasons run together. Yesterday i was young and innocent, and confused and abused. Today at least half of my life is over, perhaps more. My face shows the marks of time and past moments of existence. It has been a life of mostly alone. A lot of mistakes made. i believe my intent […]

Reading between the lines. – Nina Toubale

So I have been privately emailing my play partner at his place of work and today he drops a bomb that he is now required to use the communal computer screen. This causes a little problem as we are trying to confirm our next meet and he is now sitting amongst too many prying eyes. […]

The Lion and two Pussy’s – Nina Toubale

I felt like I had entered the Lion’s den however this time I was the one with the whip, I was calling the shots and giving the directions. @lybtw had handed me the control to take this experience only where I felt comfortable to take it. Although I had entered willingly and was given full […]

How could anyone love me? – Nina Toubale

He couldn’t possibly love you, someone with an upbringing like yours. You are a no-body. He couldn’t possibly love you, you carry so much baggage. He couldn’t possibly love you, you think too deeply and ask too many questions. He couldn’t possibly love you, you take too long to learn. He couldn’t possibly love you, […]

Play partner v Boyfriend and why the Boyfriend beats my ass so much – Nina Toubale

So, I am a little inexperienced at the whole ‘sleep over with my play partner’ thing. Sure, I’ve done it a few times now and something that really stands out to me is the difference in my behaviour on these ‘sleep overs’ compared to when I’m at home with my boyfriend. It’s quite funny and […]

I really am a little ball of totally fucked up. – Nina Toubale

Who am I and what do I want? Better still what the hell is it I need? I’m a replica of damaged stock. You know the stuff at the grocery store, right down the back in the far corner. I’m on the shelf with all the stuff people have dropped, ripped tags and labels off, […]

Calling RED (Brighton UK Backpage, Escorts, Bondage, BDSM, Sex, S&M, Strippers, Strip Clubs, Fetish) – Nina Toubale

It’s finally happened.. I finally had to call RED! Let me set the scene… I arrive home from being out and about and lybtw is home from golf early. I wasn’t expecting him but it’s a nice surprise. He’s on the lounge looking all cute with his half asleep eyes! Ummm, my mind begins to […]