My Mister; Brighton UK S&M, Haywards Heath UK S&M, Leatherhead UK S&M, Portsmouth UK S&M, Eastbourne UK S&M, Essex UK S&M, Kent UK S&M

Brighton UK, Haywards Heath UK, Leatherhead UK, Portsmouth UK, Eastbourne UK, Essex UK, Kent UK, fetish, bondage, bdsm, S&M, strippers, escorts, anal sex, sex toys, sex shop, porn, bulimia, anorexia, My Mister He studies me like an artist drawing a straight line. He looks at me through hooded eyes to hide what is and what […]

My favorite things with Daddy – London UK, Coventry UK, Sheffield UK, Eastbourne UK, Dover UK – bondage, bdsm, S&M, strippers, escorts, anal sex, sex toys, sex shop, backpage, porn, bulimia, anorexia

London UK, Coventry UK, Sheffield UK, Eastbourne UK, Dover UK, Brighton UK, bondage, bdsm, S&M, strippers, escorts, anal sex, sex toys, sex shop, backpage, porn, bulimia, anorexia, Simply Abbi,, At the beginning of my journey in kink, I said I would never call a partner Daddy. That rapidly changed and ever since I have […]


The way she deported herself, it almost seemed elitist It’s because she had that sugar, and I’m not talking about diabetes She had a certain ‘something-something’ accented by her feminine wiles That gets into my mind … and oft times beguiles Riling me to the point of lustful conventions to take her where she was […]

Nursery Rhymes – what really happened.

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Little boy Blue I’m laying here stroking my pussy why the hell are you thinking about my garden! Now come here so I can blow your horn. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jill went down upon Jack’s crown […]

Nasty Whore – Nina Toubale

On my way to class the star basketball player approaches me. He strikes up some small talk and then asks, “What are you doing tonight?” “Just studying.. what about you?” “You.” “Excuse me?” “I’m doing you tonight.” “I think you have me confused for someone else.” “Not hardly. There’s something erotic about you and I […]

The fuzzy pink collar effect

I had an drink after work with a girlfriend today. Okay…it was maybe two or three drinks. I was feeling pretty good when I started my train ride home. It was late afternoon and I’m still dressed for work, so I’m doing my very best to appear as a professional lady. I’m dressed the part […]

Say anything

He bits his tongue turning his back for the door. Deep inside he is bouncing off the walls and on the outside he seems calm and collected. She had tears streaming down her face as she yelled for him not to leave. This was an often occurrence. Both could not communicate to each other. Both […]

D/s Is Like A House (S&M, BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Backpage) – Nina Toubale

When we first meet, we break ground on the foundation. Every question, every look, every desire to touch moves the earth and preps the spot we will build together. Conversations frame our space and further joints our journey. Caution is needed as the construction progresses slowly. One cannot be asked to live in a house […]


“Breath” Lana told herself as she fastened the seat belt. Car rides had been relatively safe these last two weeks. No hard wood. No grates. None of the solid, constraining surroundings that had brought her to her knees, clutching her rosary for the past two weeks. She’d had to get a smaller, more delicate rosary […]

Adventures of a Sex Addict #46 – Nina Toubale

Today is MUCH better day. Last night I skipped the two medications that I think have been giving me the most trouble with depression. They’re both fairly new and aren’t supposed to have huge withdrawal side effects. I have a doctor’s appointment today so I’ll talk about this week and see what they think. The […]