My Sex Life Versus My Career – Nina Toubale

As I spend yet another evening surrounded by work and devices pinging every 2 minutes demanding my attention, it crosses my mind once again why my career progression seems to stamp out any kind of sex life I might actually enjoy. Can people still work 9-5? Is that an option in this day and age, […]


What once was, but can never be again. A touch, a kiss, a caress. One to set my soul on fire. We burned and raged on higher and higher. Until the rain came and quenched our desires Alone once more no hope insight no spark for my fuel no hunger for my desire Darkness surrounded […]

The Shop of Unearthly Delights

It wasn’t the fanciest restaurant. Travis couldn’t afford a fancy restaurant, and he’d insisted that he be the one to pay. Even he wasn’t sure whether his insistence was because he felt it was expected of him or because he felt like he needed to do something nice for Beth for once. Maybe he just […]

Let’s Play Celebrity Fuck List

Five guys whom you find attractive hmmm…I think that’s code for, “What’s your celebrity fuck list?…short version”. Good news! (or bad, depending on who you are…) I’m in an ornery ass mood, and I want to play. Who, what, when, where, how… *Top of the list, Sarah Palin. Those eyes, that voice, just enough crazy […]

found my first crazy……

I thought this was a funny video so I made a comment on it. It was erased so I can’t tell you exactly what I said. It went something like this though This is funny stuff, it just goes to show how much “crazy” women release when they are flooded with oxytocin from sex. I’m […]

The Bracelet Club, Collaring, Submission, Bondage, Brighton / London England

This is a multi chapter story about bondage and the love that goes with it. Enjoy and watch for updates. Chapter 1 The Bar The day was slowing down. It always did around this time, the lunch rush was over and only the odd soccer mom or business person came in for a quick afternoon […]