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The first thing you need to do before anal sex is to make sure your bowel is empty. You can either use a feminine hygiene product like Summer’s Eve douche or a Fleet enema douche. Both can be purchased at Walgreens or any drug store. I prefer to use something called and Anal Spike.…… […]

Riding Daddy (A True Story. Sensual Erotic Sex, Daddy/Sub Aspect, Dirty Talk, Cum In Pussy, Squirting, After Care) – Nina Toubale

Daddy was on the bed having showered after dinner and I was just getting out of the shower. I shaved everything and washed my hair then blow dried it and straightened it after I got out of the shower and let it air dry a little. I put on my best smelling lotion and my […]

Cock Worshiping And Facials (A True Story. Worshiping And Sucking Daddy’s Cock After He Asked Me To Marry Him.Dirty Talk, Sub/Dom Aspect, Cum Everywhere) – Nina Toubale

After a very eventful and emotional day telling our friends and family that Adam (Daddy) proposed to me I decided daddy needed some extra loving on his cock. He had gotten out of the shower and I had already had mine and shaved etc, I was sitting on our California King Bed waiting for him. […]

Pounded Like A Whore (A True Story. Hardcore, Dirty, Kinky, Pussy Fucking, Pounded And Cum In By My Daddy. After Care Galore) – Nina Toubale

I was down stairs sitting on the sofa getting ready to go up stairs and join daddy who was just getting out of the shower. As I got up he came down the stairs and walked into the living room, “Yes daddy?” I said and he looked really turned on, and I know when he […]

Daddy’s Princess Needs Attention (A True Story. Public Affection, Intense ForePlay, Passionate Sex, Dirty Talk, Daddy/Sub Aspect, Cum Everywhere, After Care) – Nina Toubale

Daddy was down stairs with his friends and I respected that, of course, until my sub needs started to kick in. I live LIVE to please my daddy, and I can’t get enough of his luscious ten inches of hard cock. He’s always hard and always able to fuck me like a slut, even after […]

Angry Sex With Daddy (A True Story. Affection, Little Space, Daddy/Sub Aspect,Force, Name Calling, Smacking, Rough Sex, Cum In Pussy, Squirting, After Care) – Nina Toubale

Daddy was in his office which is a place little girls like me can’t go, ever. I wanted daddy to love on me so, I went down stairs and proceeded to get daddy to do that. I took my stuffy Mr.Bing and tip toed down the hall way and came to the end on the […]

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