Dekens; Netherlands, Belgium

Amsterdam Netherlands, Rotterdam Netherlands, Antwerp Belgium, Gent Belgium, Brussels Belgium, Brugge Belgium, Reims France, Dover UK, fetish, bondage, bdsm, S&M, strippers, escorts, anal sex, sex toys, sex shop, porn, bulimia, anorexia, Ik wil je warmte om mij heen voelen als een geruststellende deken. Je handen zacht voelen strelen over mijn gevoelige huid. Ik zie de […]

Kink-related things I want to try [in progress]

Because I’d rather write it here than in the fetishes list. It’d give me more room to expand and plus you won’t be blasted in the face with it every time I update this. I’m in various stages of progression with these things. Some things are things I haven’t done, and some things are ones […]

I’m not the girl you want me to be

I feel like I need a warning label. Not the kind that’s visible to the public, but maybe something tattooed across my hip or my breast – the kind only a lover can see. I’m not the girl you want me to be. To my sweet amazing wonderful supportive dependable reliable comfortable comforting almost-husband ex-boyfriend: […]

Poly N00b Diary – Opening up

Nepos and I were talking today about our adventure so far in polyamory. It has been such a joy to me, watching him begin to open up. We’ve talked about polyamory a few times in the past, and we’ve joked — both then and now — about each of us having our own girlfriends/boyfriends, but […]


I have known workbabe for about 3 years. Workbabe is a twenty-something girl. Her face is not exactly what I would deem pretty, but everything below the neck is an athletically lean masterpiece. She has long, lean legs and a tight little ass. In the summer she prances around in sun dresses; in the winter […]

The Spider’s Prey

Gathering the Prey The Wolf Spider stalked his way towards the kitchen. He needed to figure out what Carrie was doing. Carrie was built more like her father than her siblings were; she was healthily thick and had more curves to boast of than either her sister or her mother. She kept her hair relatively […]

The fuzzy pink collar effect

I had an drink after work with a girlfriend today. Okay…it was maybe two or three drinks. I was feeling pretty good when I started my train ride home. It was late afternoon and I’m still dressed for work, so I’m doing my very best to appear as a professional lady. I’m dressed the part […]

Say anything

He bits his tongue turning his back for the door. Deep inside he is bouncing off the walls and on the outside he seems calm and collected. She had tears streaming down her face as she yelled for him not to leave. This was an often occurrence. Both could not communicate to each other. Both […]


“Breath” Lana told herself as she fastened the seat belt. Car rides had been relatively safe these last two weeks. No hard wood. No grates. None of the solid, constraining surroundings that had brought her to her knees, clutching her rosary for the past two weeks. She’d had to get a smaller, more delicate rosary […]

Not so vanilla

My assignment Your priority tonight is to write a journal entry. I want the world to see your thoughts on our session and what happens when you don’t follow the rules. Sir has allowed this to be posted in two parts. Its part erotica, part journal. Enjoy! ~Bugs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got ready with care. Shower, […]