I Fear I have a form of Attachment Disorder…. (BDSM, S&M, Escorts, Backpage, Strippers, Bondage, Sex, Streetham UK, Streetham England, Brighton UK, London UK, UK, England, United Kingdom) – Nina Toubale

I fear I have a form of attachment disorder, no not the variety you hear about with babies who fail to bond with their parents, rather the opposite. But let me back up, I am so new to this whole kink experience. Up until 6 months ago I was a serial monogamist. I have no […]

Feeding time.

I fall in love with danger, pain, and risk. Not always physical – In fact, most of my fondness stems from an emotional connection. The ache that fills my veins when I want another dose of defilement. A direct hit to my heart. Boom. Tears are my wine; getting me lush and buzzed. Please, keep […]


What once was, but can never be again. A touch, a kiss, a caress. One to set my soul on fire. We burned and raged on higher and higher. Until the rain came and quenched our desires Alone once more no hope insight no spark for my fuel no hunger for my desire Darkness surrounded […]

Nina Toubale, Brighton England, Paris France, BDSM S&M Bondage Stripper

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