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thank you daddy

The air was cool, as she slipped her dress from her slender shoulders. She looked towards the window and walked over, carefully shutting it then drawing the curtains. There was no need for her neighbors to see her private life, even though they barely know her and she barely knows them. She walks towards the closet and retrieves the latex corset, latex stockings, and stiletto heels.

As previously instructed, she dons the submissive clothes that He had picked out for her just two days ago. She attaches the golden nipple clamps which are connected to one another with a chain to her already stiffened and engorged nipples. With a sharp hiss of air being rapidly drawn between tightly clenched teeth, she can feel the highly erotic stinging sensations growing increasingly present in her throbbing nipples. She briefly admires herself in the full-length mirror while thinking to herself, “God, I DO look like a slut!”

She turned back and slowly paced towards the phone. Picking it up, she dialed the ten-digit number He had given her. Her breathing became slightly more labored as she heard the phone at the other end of the line ring. Suddenly, the voicemail message came on. “The wireless customer you are attempting to reach is currently unavailable. At the tone, please leave your message….” Trembling, she dialed the number again. Silently, she prayed that He would answer…that He wouldn’t…that He would…wouldn’t…would. Desire ran through her veins…nerves playing havoc on her mind. Suddenly, someone picked up the line at the other end.

“Hello little one,” came His voice.

“Hello Daddy,” she answered.

“Have you been good for Daddy today, little one?” He breathed.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered, a slight tremor in her voice.

“Are you lying to Daddy, babydoll?” He quietly asked her. She didn’t reply. “I see. I think that someone needs to tell Me exactly what a bad girl she has been. Don’t you?”

Still no reply.

“I expect you to answer Me when I ask you a question, babydoll.” His voice, quiet, yet was sounding demanding and slightly annoyed.

“Yes, Daddy,” came her subdued reply.

“Good girl. Now tell me. What has My little girl done? Remember, babydoll, don’t lie to Me.”

Slowly, she takes in a deep breath…then lets it out slowly.

“I have been a bad girl, Daddy,” she whispers. “I didn’t go straight to sleep last night.”

He doesn’t say anything…lets the silence drag out.

“I lay there, thinking of all the naughty things You make me do. My hand started playing with my pussy. I…”

“It’s not your pussy baby. It’s MINE!!! Don’t ever forget that.” He interrupts.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“Good girl, now, carry on. What did My bad little girl do to My pussy?”

“I slid my fingers deeply into it, Daddy.” Embarrassment was in her voice…having to say the words aloud.

His voice…silent.

“Then I pulled on the nipples upon Your titties, Daddy. I was very bad. I pushed my fingers in and out of Your pussy and slid my thumb over Your clitty again and again until I made myself cum.” Her voice trembling, tears running down her face…ashamed at have being so bad.

“I see,” came his reply. “So My little girl thinks that she can play with My pussy when ever she wants. Does she?”

“No, Daddy. I don’t, Daddy. I’m sorry, Daddy,” hanging her head, ashamed at herself…ashamed of being caught by her Daddy.

“I think you do, baby.” (Quietly) “I think I shall have to punish you.”

Her eyes squeezed shut, her limbs trembling.

“I accept Your punishment Daddy.”

“Good girl. Put the phone onto speakerphone.”

She does so.

“Good girl. Now, kneel on the floor. Are you kneeling, little one?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl. Spread your legs as wide as they can go, baby. Are you doing it? You had better be…”

“I am Daddy. I promise you I am. I can’t get them any further, Daddy.”

“Very good, little girl. Place your left arm behind you. Now, cup your right hand. Now, are you listening closely, little one?” His voice harsh…demanding.

“Yes, Daddy.” She answers.

“Now, baby, I want you to take that hand, your right hand now, baby, and I want you to spank My pussy. I want you to slap My pussy and My little clitty ten times. I want you to do it HARD, baby! I want to hear every slap and hear every squeal of pain. After each slap, you are to count that slap and thank Me for being such a good Daddy to you. Do you understand?”

Quietly, with a little whimper, she answers him. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl. Now begin.”

Her hand whistles down and strikes at her pussy. She gasps at the sudden contact and stinging rush.

“One, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Smack! Gasp!

“Two, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Smack! Whimper.

“Three, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Smack! She whimpers more loudly this time.

“Four, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Her clitty is throbbing within her labia. She takes and deep breath, and her hand sails down again.


“Five, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Her voice shakes from the pain, and yet from something more than pain. She is aware of her clitty throbbing and hardening, her pussy juices beginning to drip down her inner thigh, and her nipples throbbing beneath the gold clamps.

Smack! Squeal!

“Six, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Her breathing is becoming more labored; she can feel something more than just pain building inside her cunt.

Smack! Gasp!

“Seven, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Her pussy is beginning to pulsate, and her clitty is pushing through her labia, exposed to her harsh slaps.

Smack! (Moan)

“Eiiightt, Daaadddy. Thaannk yyou, Daddddy,” she gasps.

He speaks suddenly, “I think My little girl is beginning to enjoy her punishment.” He sounds amused. “Do not cum baby! Otherwise, I shall have to give you a more serious punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She moans. Her hand lifts again.

Smack! Squeal!

“Ninnnne, Dadddy. Thhhank yyyou, Dddaddy!”

“Just one more, baby girl.” Comes His voice, encouraging, yet sympathetic.

She raises her hand. She knows that it will take only one more blow and the punishment will be over. Her pussy is flooding with her juices, and she can feel it running down to her puckered anus. Her clitty is bruised and sore from the blows, yet eager to feel more. Her hand begins its downward stroke. She feels the air flow past it as it drops towards her slick cunt.

SMACK! She cries out louder at this blow than any of the others. It was harder, more fierce and more…desperate. She was desperate for approval from her Daddy.

Shaking, she counts the final slap. “Tttenn, Ddddaddy. Thank you, DADDY!”

His voice sounds over the speakerphone. “Good girl. NOW, you may cum, but you will have to do it MY way.”

“Yes, Daddy. Anything to please you, Daddy, will please me.”

She already knows what He means by “His way”. She retrieves the eight-inch flesh-like vibrating dildo from the nearby table. He had it specially made from a mold cast from His cock. She slowly starts to insert it into her twitching asshole, lubrication unnecessary as her pussy had already provided copious amounts. She initially struggles with the insertion until she is able to get the large, bulbous head past her tight anal ring. That accomplished, she is able to slowly feed the rest of its length deep into her clutching depths.

“Is it in yet, babydoll?” He patiently inquires.

“Oooh, yessss, Daddy.” She breathlessly replies.

“Now, turn it on.” He instructs.

She turns on the vibrator, and she can feel her entire being coming to life. Even though the speed setting is on the lowest setting, her pussy and bowels are tingling with millions of sensations. Her pussy, which is still stinging and throbbing from Daddy’s punishment, is literally flowing juices that are pooling on the hardwood floor beneath her.

“Are you ready, babydoll?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Let’s begin with three.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

She inserts three fingers of her left hand into her pussy. She is so wet; her fingers immediately plunge into her womanhood. She begins to rhythmically slide her fingers in and out of her clutching cunt while slowly rubbing her throbbing clit with two fingers of her right hand.

“Oooh, Daddy. This feels so good.”

“Let’s do four now, babydoll, and kick it up a notch.”

“Oh, thank you, Daddy.”

She knows exactly what Daddy expects her to do. With her right hand, she turns the speed control of the vibrating replica of His cock to the medium setting as she slowly, with a little difficulty, inserts the fourth finger of her left hand into her dripping cunt. She immediately fucks her tingling tunnel with her four fingers, plunging them in as far as they will go before withdrawing, only to repeat this motion repeatedly. She resumes rubbing her throbbing clit, which now appears and feels to be twice the size it has ever been in an erect state. She finds her breathing becoming extremely difficult to control as her level of excitement is washing over her in waves.

“Time for five, babydoll, and go for broke.”

“Oh, God! Five, Daddy?”

“You heard Me, babydoll. You can do it for Daddy.” His voice sounding slightly annoyed, yet encouraging.

She stops rubbing her clit, and uses her right hand to adjust the speed control of the vibrating dildo buried in deep within her rectum to its maximum setting. Immediately, she can feel her guts churning deep within her being. She can also feel those crazy vibrations against those four fingers that she has buried deeply within her quim, separated from the dildo only by two very thin membranes.

With some major trepidation, she attempts to insert her thumb into her already-stretched pussy. This is something she has never done before. He is REALLY testing her limits today! She is scared in attempting this new endeavor, but wickedly excited at the same time.

She is experiencing major difficulty with inserting her thumb. Even with the huge amount of lubricating fluids that are emanating from her stretched hole (there is huge puddle collecting on the hardwood floor beneath her already), she is able to get only half of her thumb inserted, despite all her efforts. She begins to think that this feat is totally impossible.

Hearing her grunts and groans, He suggests. “Babydoll, try rotating your hand a little while gently pushing inward.”

(Grunt) “Okay, Daddy. I’ll try that.” She responds breathlessly, barely able to get out the words.

Trusting her Daddy, she rotates her hand/wrist combination while rotating it one way and then another, while steadily applying the suggested pressure. Surprisingly, the semi self-imposed intrusion finally slips in between her tightly stretched labia. Instantly, she is totally amazed. She just cannot believe that her whole hand is inside her steaming cunt.

“Is it in, babydoll?”

“Oh my fucking GOD, Daddy! My whole FUCKING hand is in me! I feel soooo full!”

“I KNEW you could do it, babydoll! Now, make yourself cum, baby.”

“Thank you, Daddy!”

She resumes rubbing her swollen clit with her right hand while slowly thrusting her left fist into her sucking pussy. The puddle on the floor beneath her is growing ever larger as her juices are literally flowing from her stretched fuck hole like water from a slow-running tap. Faster and faster, she thrusts her fist into her needy slit. She can feel her fist banging against her cervix, as her fingers are moving across her throbbing nub in a blur. Suddenly, she feels as though her entire body is on fire, and a new feeling is washing over her entire being that she had never before experienced.

“Oh, God, Daddy! God, Daddy! God, Daddy!”

Her breathing is becoming very ragged. Her nipples are throbbing and feel like hot coals beneath the clamps. Her entire body is covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. She can feel tears streaming down her cheeks. Her orgasm is becoming imminent.


She is cumming harder than she had in her entire life. Her pussy is literally spewing her orgasmic juices all over the room. Her cum is going EVERYWHERE! It is even soaking the full-length mirror about 10 feet away. Her cunt is in major convulsions. The spasms are so great her fist was literally expelled forcefully from her gushing twat. The room is beginning to spin and she is feeling as though she may pass out.

She returns to her senses and tries to regain control of her breathing. Her heart is still pounding so hard she can hear the blood rushing in her ears. She has never in her life felt so satisfied, or so drained, from a single orgasm. She almost forgets that He is on the speakerphone until she hears…

“Daddy is very proud of you, babydoll.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

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