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Tripoli Greece, Corinth Greece, Míkonos Greece, Tinos Greece, Siros Greece, Athens Greece
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Another adventure with Master

It has taken me a week to write this one. Sometimes writing is the only real way I can express the thoughts in my head but this past week even that did not work. I would sit to write and there was so much to say. I would start and then it just didn’t seem right. After a full week of processing, I am finally sorting through the mess that are my thoughts.

Last Friday I spent another night with my Master. Each time with Him is such an adventure and in the moment, so much happens that it is so difficult to take it all in, breathe and just process what the fuck has taken place. This particular time I had felt like I hadn’t been good enough. I should have taken more from Him. Like what was special about me was beginning to fade for Him. In addition, why the fuck do I feel like fainting each time. I was thinking all these things about myself, criticizing all that is me. These were my immediate thoughts and doubts and I think that is why it took me so long to really get out my feelings about the encounter.

Now, 8 days later… I went to the Dr. today to be sure my bruised chest was nothing more than a bruised rib (nothing broken thank God). So much for not being able to take enough!! Perspective and time are wonderful things. As the days passed this week and it became clearer that this was the worst beating I had ever taken, I began thinking back to the flashes from Friday night. It was all fuzzy, what happened when and in what order?

Anal hooks and blowjobs, serving as a footstool (one of the highlights), primal beating on the floor of the hotel room that involved punching, kicking and being stepped on, oh so wonderful subspace that brought me to tears. Restraints, canes, new implements, fucking that made me forget to ask permission to cum. DP that was so unbelievable I could barely stand and almost lost consciousness.

And…. dinner, conversations, yummy sangria, baths, snuggles, and bedtime hugs that turn into 2-hour naps….

How on earth did I get this lucky?? My instinct tells me to brace myself for the fall but for now, I just need to take things for what they are and stop being so hard on myself. Beatings that push me on so many levels, amazing sex, orgasms, and a lot more too. I am embracing this adventure for sure!!

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