A Stir in the Shadows. – Nina Toubale

Walking with him… the evening that unfolded before hand and still before us… feeling risky & frisky..

We make a break for what looks like the best opportunity in the history of our Public Sex endeavors …

Yes … Public. ..

He pushes me against the fence in a dimly lit area just off the sidewalk in the nearest alley. .

Starts passionately kissing me and putting his hands on my body making me more wet then his words already had, sitting across from him during dinner in the restaurant…

As he’s kissing and biting my neck I notice a few feet ahead an even more darker more discreet area..we quickly move into the shadows. . Which happen to dip into an under ground parkade that’s gated and locked… feeling just how excited I was with the slip of his finger made his cock twitch. I get get down and put his hard cock against my parting lips, Into my mouth that’s already salvating from the thought of having him again ..

I swirl my tongue and please him with my mouth momentarily..

Pulling me to my feet & pulling my pants down directing me to turn around, he slides the length of him inside my wet cunny.. pulsing and shaking while being sexed in the darkness. My moans echo into and out of the parkade.. trying to be quiet and not attract any passerby attention to our secret raundevuo..

He grabs me how he always loved to … by the hair nearest to my neck pulling me into him over n over until he cumms inside me … it’s quick.. it’s amazing… it’s leaking into my panties as we walk away fixing ourselves.. he leaves on the bus… I leave on the skytrain … I’ll never forget who I belong to… how could I
When his cumm is leaking out of my pussy making my panties creamy..

Feeling extra naughty… and missing him more then ever. I don’t shower… I sleep .. knowing I’m his… whether it’s his wish… or only mine… it is so.

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