I have known workbabe for about 3 years. Workbabe is a twenty-something girl. Her face is not exactly what I would deem pretty, but everything below the neck is an athletically lean masterpiece. She has long, lean legs and a tight little ass. In the summer she prances around in sun dresses; in the winter she dresses in blue jeans so tight I wonder how she breathes. The latter must violate the work dress code, but no one has ever said anything.

Work babe LOVES attention. When car horns honk at her as she walks by traffic, she just smiles naughtily. She relishes the power her legs and ass have over men. She prances about on her long legs and shapely ass, and causes many a boner to be popped. And she proudly laughs at it all when no one is looking.

The other women in the office hate her. Workbabe is aware of this, I think. And finds it amusing.

And you know what? I love women like that. I love the confidence, I love the schmaltz. I love naughty vixens the way most women love bad boys.

More than once I have come home from work sporting a large, throbbing erection. I hastily unzipped my pants and pulled out my member, stroking with wild abandon, imagining my hard member pounding workbabe’s tight little vagina. And I would moan her name as I shot my load furiously.

Workbabe has a boyfriend. He doesn’t seem particularly handsome, athletic, or smart. But he had a good job at the time they met, from what I understand. Nevertheless, I have always wondered if she was dicking around on him.

She confirmed today in private conversation she is shopping around for a new boyfriend, as the current one has lost whatever luster he initially had. And she has ramped up her flirtacious behavior with me ….

And why shouldn’t she? I am tall, smart, handsome, athletic. All the girls wonder what I a packing underneath the hood.

An illicit office romance sounds so hot. I want to take workbabe after hours and bend her over my workstation and fuck her like an animal. Ummmm. I get hard at the thought of it.


Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale

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Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale


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