The Spider’s Prey

Gathering the Prey

The Wolf Spider stalked his way towards the kitchen. He needed to figure out what Carrie was doing.

Carrie was built more like her father than her siblings were; she was healthily thick and had more curves to boast of than either her sister or her mother. She kept her hair relatively short, above the shoulder line, and tended to dress relatively moderately. Tonight, she was wearing tight fitting jeans and a blue tank top, an outfit that revealed significantly more skin than she normally would be comfortable with, since she was spending the night in.

She was also clearly the most intelligent among the crowd. Even the way she walked was more careful and aware than the rest of the family. He would have to be careful.

Looked like she was checking on the pie that was cooking. He could come up behind her, but the turn around the corner wouldn’t be the safest from her sight. And if she were to bolt, the kitchen is the room in the house that she could most easily maneuver around him. He needed to get her into an easier position. He pulled out Tyler’s phone and dialed the house.

The house phone wasn’t kept in the kitchen, so when it started ringing she walked right past him without seeing him. He stood up, matched her stride, and quickly grabbed her and pinned her to the ground. Knowing he could finally take his time and do a good, thorough job, he took multiple lengths of rope out of his bag and began securing her into a tight hogtie.

He worked quickly but made sure that she would not be able to escape easily. Her consistent crying and pleading only became noteworthy to him when she started actively screaming for help. The rest, he could ignore, but screaming might be heard by passersby. He removed her socks; socks would do perfectly fine as a gag. He shoved them both in her mouth and wound some duct tape around her head to secure them, taking some joy in the sounds of her screams and protests being muffled by cloth and the taste of day-long sweat. She looked up at him with pain in her eyes, which he simply ignored and went back to his work.

After a few more minutes, she was done: tied like a package and eyeing him silently with fear and curiosity. Silently, he stood up and went to gather the rest of the family.

Enter. Gather. Distress. Take.

First, was mom, she was his biggest fear as far as escaping, and he was rushed when he grabbed her. Luckily, she hadn’t been in there long, and when he came into the bathroom to check on her she hadn’t made much headway in getting out. He untied the rope around her neck, picked her up, and brought her into the living room with Carrie, who began her muffled screams again when she saw her mother. These sounds then, in turn, started her mother to buck and writhe on his shoulder… It was very annoying.

He plopped Teresa onto the coffee table and started carefully undoing the zip ties and replacing them with rope. He then tightened her into a hogtie, just like her daughter. Once he was happy with how tight she was, he removed the towel from her face, letting her see her daughter wiggling around on the floor. She started screaming, just like her daughter, so he did what he did to her daughter; he removed Teresa’s socks, rolled one of them up, and crammed it into her mouth. Unfortunately for Teresa, the socks she was wearing were longer than the ankle socks that Carrie had been wearing, so there was barely enough room in her mouth for even the one sock. Even at her loudest and most panicked screaming, Teresa could currently only manage the sounds of a muffled moan. Then, to lessen the amount of her continued wiggling, he bundled up her hair and tied it tightly to her feet, forcing her head into an uncomfortable, upwards position. Teresa could now only look directly forward, and any bucking or wiggling she could manage only painfully pulled on her hair and neck. He rotated her so that she could watch the rest of the family come in, and for one last bit of security, tied a rope around her waist and connected it to the table. He double checked that she was secure and comfortable, ignoring her nearly indecipherable pleas for him to let her go, and walked out of the room.

Then, he went up to the sister’s room. Laura’d been tied up longest, so he needed to check on her. He grabbed the key to her room from above her door and unlocked it and came inside to… the room exactly as he had left it. He turned off the music, which triggered some muffled moaning from under the bed. He unsecured her from the legs of the bed and dragged her out by the rope around her knees. She was no less tied than when he had left her, and was still completely blinded from the bag over her head. He picked her up, triggering muffled screams and writhing from the girl. He slung her over his shoulder and walked her down into the living room, setting her on the floor on the opposite side of the room to her sister. When he walked in with her, Teresa and Carrie both gave moans of dread, but not much more. Clearly, they were beginning to recognize the fact that he wasn’t listening to them. He checked Laura’s bindings, checked her circulation, and then removed the hood. The reveal of Laura’s face triggered another chorus of muffled cries from everybody involved; maybe they hadn’t actually learned anything yet. No matter, they had time.

Next was her brother. Always wait to do the men last; the realization that they had failed to protect “their women” distresses men on a core level. Nothing gets to a man worse than a feeling of impotence.

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale

He went upstairs and opened the door to the entertainment room, only to discover that Tyler had managed to open the closet door and fall out of it. He was, of course, still tied to a chair and was currently thrashing around trying to move beyond the threshold of the closet. The Wolf walked calmly over and simply picked up the chair Tyler was bound to. The sudden realization that the stranger had returned added some fuel to Tyler’s struggling, but the combination of his hands being bound awkwardly behind his head and having a thick, moist towel covering his head meant that he couldn’t put up much of an effective fight. The Spider Wolf quickly released the binds that kept him tied to the chair and removed the towel from his head, using tape to keep the ball in the boy’s mouth. Then, he simply started dragging Tyler by the wrists down the stairs.

When Tyler saw his family, his kicking and muffled cursing intensified, as did the chorus of sobs and cries from the family. Wolf took one of the kitchen chairs and began securing Tyler to it, in more or less the same position he was in upstairs. Then, the Wolf checked on everybody, secured any loose ropes, and headed to grab the last family member.

When the Wolf Spider came into the garage, he was glad to see that Greg hadn’t moved an inch. He started undoing the huge amounts of tape around the man and replacing it with rope. Greg was pretty large, meaning he’d be hard to move around by force, so Wolf actually released him from his hogtie, secured a tight rope around the man’s neck with a lead, bound him at the knees, and gave him a very small length of rope between his ankles, effectively hobbling him. Then, Wolf simply walked Greg into the living room. Greg was clearly furious; impotently furious, but furious. Wolf secured Greg to another of the kitchen chairs. Greg was still largely wrapped in tape, so all that the Wolf had to do was bind the man’s ankles back together with rope and attach the lead around his neck to the ankles (loosely, he didn’t want anybody accidentally dying here). Then, he removed the tape from the man’s mouth, as well as the large work glove. He let the man bluster for a bit, shouting the most horrendous insults and threats that he could think of. The poor man was so busy trying to reestablish dominance and masculinity that he did not pay much attention to the Wolf Spider untying one of his shoes and removing the sock. If a used sock was a good enough gag for the majority of the rest of his family, it would work for Greg. Plus, he had been wearing particularly thick work socks. Pretty soon, the man’s boisterousness had been replaced with a foul taste in his mouth, and he quieted down significantly.

The Wolf checked on everybody else, and relaxed. He could take his time now.

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale


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