“Breath” Lana told herself as she fastened the seat belt. Car rides had been relatively safe these last two weeks. No hard wood. No grates. None of the solid, constraining surroundings that had brought her to her knees, clutching her rosary for the past two weeks. She’d had to get a smaller, more delicate rosary to prevent the surges of wanton lust that ripped through her since last seeing Father Joseph.

It had been two weeks of agonizing focus and ache. She’d made it this far, but for the dream.

Four nights ago, she’d dreamed of three demons taking her, screaming fire into her face, tearing into her with their claws and penetrating her repeatedly. Lana awakened in a fit of orgasms that she continued with briefly until remembering herself. The sheets had soaked through to the mattress with sweat and after a cool shower, she’d spent the rest of the night on the couch; too tired and resigned to even tell her Our Fathers.

Lacquered wooden hand rails, hard benches and every bit of ceremonial cloth she’d seen for the previous two weeks had unleashed a fearsome desire she learned to quell with short breathing and washing her sweaty hands in cold water

The turning ignition of the car again brought fourth that dreaded, hot anticipation. In the last 20 years of trial and tribulation, she’d never been so pointedly at odds with herself as when she thought of returning to Saint James church. Unbearable lust hit violently against her need to follow the priest’s instructions

Her skirt was ankle length and humble enough for a menonite. Lana’s blouse and woolen overcoat both came to her wrists. She’d begun covering her nipples; first with band aids but as the soft cotton underside proved too arousing, she’d taken to strips of duct tape.

An elevator musak version of Ave Maria played as she drove to the church. It struck a sufficiently bland chord of drab and ceremonial, without bringing the thoughts of sacramental grandeur to her mind. This had been her struggle for the past 14 days.

“3:54” she whispered out loud as she pulled into the church parking lot. Her nail-polish-free hand briefly ran down the hem of her long skirt and she swalllowed her next breath before exiting the vehicle with her purse.

She decided to avoid the large, stylized main entrance doors this time and enter quietly through the side; closer to the confessional section

Once inside, Lana looked around. She felt the tape pull uncomfortably at her breast for a moment and felt a wave of sincere humility. She looked down at her feet, now slipped inside plain walking shoes before looking up at the massive chandelier and stained glass windows below the chapel peak

“Lana” said Father Joseph. He’d been standing quietly behind the confessional booths.

She shook and turned her head rapidly toward him, then instinctively turned her gaze down at his black, leather shoes.

“Yes Father,” she replied

“I hope you’re prepared. Please follow me” he said

Bypassing the main booths, Father Joseph led the way to a door, behind and to the side of the church alter. Once inside, there was a table with two chairs in front of her and the priest was arranging some papers on it.

“I gave you instructions two weeks ago. You weren’t to touch yourself, climax or be with a man. Before we go any further, tell me how your penance went”

“Yes father. Father, how did you know my name? I didn’t tell….”

“SILENCE!!!” yelled the father in a deep voice that terrified her.

“Yes father,”she said in a trembling voice. Had she the wherewithal to notice, Lana would have felt her entire body shaking.

The lights in this room were very dim. The glimmer of chalices and metal on crucifixes was disorienting.

“Father, I kept……… I kept clean father. I had a dream 4 nights ago and….it was…. I……….. I awoke with an orgasm,” she said while still staring down

Lana was terrified at Father Joseph’s response; more terrified than she imagined she’d be and kept her eyes facing downward for a second but when she looked up, he was 4 feet away and approaching her rapidly.

His hand clutched her throat and pressed her against the wall. In a gravely, commanding voice that was almost quiet and 6 inches from her lips, he said

“You whore of Babylon. You filthy, disgusting beast of a woman,”

Lana was gagging. She tried to move his hand from her throat but he was shockingly strong and his free hand batted them away effortlessly.

Tears rolled down her eyes as his angry face stared into hers and then….it all began to go peacefully dark.

When Lana awoke, her calves were secures to the floor with chains. Her wrists were tied with rope and attached to something in front of her and out of sight, pulling her forward and preventing her from resting her backside on her feet. Her face was turned sideways and pressed against the cold, hard wood floor. There was a shoe on her cheek, keeping her immobile and her eyes could see little but the other shoe of her tormentor and the black slacks above it

He began speaking

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale

“Exorcizamus te, Omanis immune spiritus, Omani satanica potestas, Omanis incursioinfernalis adversarii, Omanis legio, Omanis congregation et secta diabolica, in no mini etvirtute Domini nostril Jesu Christi, eradicate et effigies a Dei Ecclesia, ab animabusad imaginem Dei conditis ac pretioso”

She was gripped with fear at the words. Once the priest was finished, her head was forcefully pulled up, as she struggled against the ropes on her wrists, being painfully unable to move. A mask was placed over her face.

“Look forward,” commanded the priest. Moving slowly out of the darkness in front of her, a masked face began to appear from the shadows.

Lana became suddenly aware that her skirt had been removed and her ass was bare and exposed. In the distance, she heard the murmur of voices but could see nothing. The masked face moved closer, to within a foot of her own and she could feel the eyes behind it stare at her.

“May the demons of iniquity be cast from thee,” spoke the priest, standing above her. Sprinkles of water coldly hit her back and she knew now that she was naked but for her bra

“Uhhhhh!” she mumbled quietly, in shock and fear. The man in the mask before her grabbed her throat and squeezed until the began choking again and struck her hard across both cheeks with a force that left her dizzy. The mask she wore smashed into her mouth and she quickly tasted blood from her lip. He then reached under her mask with a cloth gag and shoved it between her lips so she was unable to speak.

“The whore of Babylon stands before you,” said a voice but it wasn’t the priest, nor was it the man in the mask

CRASH came a blow to her back. Something metal struck her hard then struck her again. She managed a quick look up and to her left and saw something fly through the air and for a third time


Again, a fearsome blow struck her right cheek and the man in the mask pulled her head forward.

“Don’t turn your head again whore!” said the priest and Lana continued to stare straight.

CRASH came another blow, this time on her left ass cheek, followed by two more on her right.

She felt the priest’s hand grab her crotch from behind and could feel her juices on his hand




He spoke these words and then his hand moved to her asshole, briefly fingering it.

The voices she’d heard before began murmuring again as she stared straight ahead at the man in the mask, who reached under her knelt form and tore off the duct tape she’d covered her nipples with. At the same moment, the priest’s hands came crashing down on her rear cheeks again in four sharp blows

The masked man before her pulled out two clips, both attached to long chains on bracelets he was wearing and applied them tightly to her nipples. The pain made her jerk

CRASH came another two blows to her upper back and she was now sweating. The aching pain began to flow through her body and Lana began to weep in pain and fear.

“You Jezebel” murmured the priest but he was now behind her

His hand grabbed her crotch again from and he rubbed the juices around her ass before inserting another finger. The sensation made her jump

The next thing she felt was his cock, thrust quickly into her ass. As the tears flowed from her eyes, under the mask, the man in front of her grabbed her throat and turned her head forward again, to stare into his terrifying face

A shivering orgasm pulsated through Lana as Father Joseph continued to penetrate her from behind. She could feel her face swell from the choking and let out a moan loud enough to make it’s way through the gag

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale

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