Personality Traits of Submissive Girls

She has a child-like presence.

She is very sensitive to her man’s moods, body language, and tone of voice. She is very sensitive to criticism.

She is eager to follow instructions.

She is sexually aroused/fascinated by a man’s dominant presence.

She turns to her man as an authority/advisor when she has personal questions.

She says something’s been missing in all her previous relationships.

She finds herself becoming anxious coping with everyday life on her own.

She says she feels as if she’s putting on a mask or role as an adult

She’s a nurturer, often being a customer service agent, a nurse, a caregiver of some kind.

She takes on guilt that doesn’t belong to her; she tries to fix everyone’s problems.

She feels that often people are able to take advantage of her giving nature.

She admits to having put up powerful emotional barriers because people can hurt her so easily.

She may be much too trusting in a child-like way and keeps getting hurt.

From a young age she has found pleasure in serving others; being a good hostess, doing as she’s told, remembering everyone’s birthdays, being everyone’s shoulder to cry on and everyone’s helpmate.

She finds it difficult to resist authority or aggressive behavior; she may have been picked on by bullies all her life.



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Here is another list:

1. Checking Her Hair
While many girls appear to be fixated with their hair, a submissive girl will touch or attempt to fix her hair in a display meant to please you by presenting herself to your highest standards. This clue alone is obviously insufficient for you to make a firm determination, but taken within the context of other clues it is a help sign towards recognizing submissiveness.

2. Closed Lips
Submissive girls generally keep their lips pursed, and even when they smile they do it with a closed mouth. Obviously, she will open her mouth wide upon your command at the appropriate time.

3. Constant Smiling
Whereas a typical girl will express a wide range of emotions (oftentimes annoying ones as you well know), a submissive women will always smile in an attempt to illustrate that she is pleased with you.

4. Eye Contact
Many girls will maintain eye contact with you, but a submissive girl will quickly glance away (most ordinarily glance down) after you initiate eye contact. Don’t take this as a sign of rejection, a submissive girl does not deserve to make eye contact with you unless you specifically permit her to.

5. Eyebrows
This is a very subtle sign to catch, but a submissive girl will raise her eyebrows at inappropriate times. This expression ordinarily is reserved to show surprise, but submissive girls have a tendency to display this facial body language in the midst of casual conversation.

6. Head Posture
Observe how she is holding her head. More aggressive and strident girls will keep their chins up, whereas submissive women tend to maintain a posture with their chin down.

7. Leaning
Submissive chicks will lean in towards you appearing to be enthralled by every word you say. A truly submissive girl will never maintain an aloof body posture, she will always be signifying that she is yours and her attention is solely devoted to you.

8. Nervous Laughs
Be attuned for nervous laughter — especially after she finishes a sentence. This nervous laugh is a sign that she is desperately seeking your approval, and she is trying to gauge your reaction to what she just said.

9. Nodding
You might occasional find yourself nodding excessively when conversing with your boss or a major sales prospect. This is because you are trying to curry favor and allow the other party to maintain a position of dominance. The same principal applies to submissive women. Watch for ones that seem to nod at everything you say no matter how stupid or inane your comment was.

10. Palms Up
A submissive girl will use the palms up hand gesture far more frequently than their more aggressive female counterparts. Watch her hands for this telltale clue. Additionally, submissive women tend to have gestures which entail holding their hands at shoulder length.


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Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale


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