Getting loaned out by master

A few people asked me about my master sharing me with his friends. While this was fairly common, there is one incident that really stands out in my memory. It was the first time my master lent me out, and was one of the most intense experiences in my early sissy training.


I was still really young at the time and still relatively new to the sissy/master lifestyle. I had just started spending the weekends over at my daddy’s house, so after school on a Friday I got dressed up and headed over there like I was supposed to. The moment I walked in the door my master yelled at me to come over to him and his two friends sitting on the couch. They were two big older black guys, one stranger and one of whom I had seen before at masters house. He ordered me to turn around and take my skirt off so his friends could check me out. This seemed pretty normal to me so I of course obeyed. As soon as my skirt was off I felt four big hands on my ass, groping it, spreading my cheeks, pulling my thong to the side, spanking me, etc. I stood there bent over and let them do what they pleased when my master asked them what they thought. I heard them give their approval and then daddy told them to borrow me for the night. This shocked me and as I started to turn around, daddy grabbed me and pulled me into his big lap. He began to fondle me under my panties while explaining that I was to serve his two friends tonight, they would be my temporary owners, and I was to obey them completely. He tugged at the lock on my chastity cage and told me that I had better be a good little girl, and if I embarrassed him I would be harshly punished. I was super apprehensive about this though and almost spoke up, before realizing that I had pretty much zero choice in the matter.


The three black men discussed a few things, decided on a safe word to use, and then they led me to the closet where I kept a lot of my sissy outfits to pick out what I was going to wear. I remember they made me put my hair up in pig tails and put on this little Japanese schoolgirl looking outfit that was waaay to small. I was still really young at the time, and with the outfit and pigtails I looked even younger. There was a moment when I saw myself in the floor to ceiling mirror and I seriously looked like a 13 year old girl, and even crazier was having two older black men towering over me, fastening a little collar around my neck.

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I packed a little bag and then they walked me out to their car. As we drove, one of them called up his friend and told him to come over tonight because they had a little white bitch that needed to get fucked. Sitting in the back seat, dressed like a slut, and getting driven to an unknown location by two older black men I didn’t know was a very surreal. I was utterly helpless and decided my best course of action was to just submit to my two new masters and do whatever they said.


When we got to their house (turns out they were roommates) they had me get to my knees the second the door shut. One got behind me and started pulling my panties down, while the other took his big flaccid dick out and began rubbing it in my face telling me to beg for that bbc. They were both very verbal and dominant, calling me names and putting me in my place. One of them was fascinated by my little locked clitty and began pulling at it and joking about how small it was. He took his huge black cock out and held it next mine for comparison. Satisfied with himself he started mounting me doggy style, rubbing his cock up against my ass. Then he reached into my travel bag and took out some lube before squirting a little on the tip of his huge ebony penis and shoving the entire thing inside me so hard I let out a yelp, even with his friends cock in my mouth. It was the first time I was tagged teamed like that and both of them were very aggressive. I couldn’t even keep up with what they were doing; I just let those two black goliaths manhandle me as I tried to not choke on the 10-inch cock being forced down my throat. After a blury ~45 minutes they took turns cumming in my mouth before snapping a bunch of pictures on their phone.


I heard a car with a lot of bass pull up, which they said must be their friend. They ordered me to go clean up in the shower before coming back to take care of him. I didn’t have much choice so I hurried to the bathroom and got in the shower. After about two minutes the door slammed open and the new arrival walked in completely naked to join me in the shower. He said he couldn’t wait and took right to feeling up my little naked body. He made a joke about making me his prison bitch or something like that and had me turn around and bend over. He soaped up his dark black cock, even bigger then the two I had just taken, and began slidding it up and down my ass. He shoved the huge tip in, and then put both of his hands on my shoulders and forced me back onto it, and then aggressively pounding away at me. Before long I was pinned against the wall and being broken in by his horse cock. This is when I realized he didn’t even know what the safe word was, and that I had zero chance of stopping him. I know its weird but for some reason this really turned me on. Before too long he made me sissygasm so hard I thought I was going to pass out. He just continued to pound away, making me his bitch as I just melted to my knees tried to keep from collapsing. Finally he wrapped one of his massive hands around my neck and pulled my head back as he came in my ass.


He hopped out of the shower as I cleaned myself off from his seed. As I went back to the living room, the men were all distracted and talking with each other. This gave me a chance to go get dressed again and fix my makeup. Just as I was finishing they called me back to the living room. They were trying to decide what to do with me, as they got ready for round two.

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale


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