Your Addiction

I want you inside me
I want to feel you and become one with you
I want to taste your lips and bite them
I want to feel your every thrust every stroke long and short
I want your hands to explore my body
I want you postioned between my legs tasting my juices
I want you tongue fucking me til I cum and my toes curl
I want you to turn me over and spread my ass cheeks and give me a good dick down til you come inside my ass
I want our bodies to be hot and sweaty and that’s all u smell in the air
I want my hands pinned as you choke me pounding my pussy out and my eyes roll back biting my bottom lips
I want you to leave traces of your affection all over my body
I want when youre done with my pussy to slide your dick in my mouth and fuck it
I want you to empty down my throat as I swallow your cum
I want to be your new addiction what you crave for
I want to be all yours

Nina Toubale, Brighton England, Bondage and S&M

Howling at the moon

Sitting here so early in the morning and seeing the moon. It’s as if I’ve been on a quest for something anything to prove my worth. The thing I noticed is how beautiful the moon is, it’s not perfect up close full of bumps and craters, dust and more. Yet it’s cherished loved and respected. In all it’s worth its magnificent and beautiful. I’ve come a long way since I’ve began on here. I’ve learned things I like and things that turn me on that I never knew before.

I’ve also realized there are complete and utter pieces of bottom feeding shit on here who have used and hurt me and don’t care. The thing is I started even just today basing my self worth on what they think of me. Why the fucking hell would I do that I have yet to figure out. I’ve connected with men, well that title is debatable, and they weren’t good looking or well endowed. No where near romantic or charismatic yet I saw Thier potential and hung on to that fell for Their lies and fake promises because of potential. I may be a big girl but I’m loosing the wieght and sadly they are still well bottom feeders keeping women like me on the side just in case they can’t get better. The thing is I can do better so why should I settle or base my own worth on someone else’s view of who they think I am. The moon has flaws and yet it’s magnificent and stunning. Honestly so am I.

I may be a big girl have extra weight but fuck you I’m pretty and a great person. I’m honest and loyal and I don’t lie. I am as stunning as any other woman and because I do the play, show my twat and fuck random men consistently doesn’t make me any less worrthy. I guess what I’m saying is I fell for men with potential and who they said they were not Thier looks or jobs. Seriously that’s just superficial bullshit. I am who I am and if you don’t like it don’t lie to me or string me along just in case because I’m better than that.

From now on my worth is what I put into myself my potential if you can’t see it then fuck off. For all the asses who used me well thank you, it weeds more out so I can find a real man instead of settling for fake lies and bullshit. This is me saying I’m done playing games. I’m a submissive not a fucking door mat. I’m going to enjoy this moon and decide that kink or vanilla when a real man walks in he will.see my worth see my beauty and work for it. In return when I see it’s not lies, pathetic attempts to get laid Or string me along, I will give him my all. Back to the moon I go and enjoy all it’s imperfections and stunning beauty. Have fun and play safe everyone.

nina toubale collar


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