Relations to Bratting

I’d first like to say that I love my dog… but he’s a brat. He and I have that in common. He’s not bad all of the time but enough that it annoys me almost all of the time. He pushes my buttons, pushes boundaries, and sometimes is WAY too clingy. I’ve put in a lot of time training him and when he acts out, I’m so let down and exhausted… and now I know just a little what it must feel like to be my Dom. Sometimes I push buttons, sometimes I try to push boundaries to see what I can get, and sometimes I think I’m being cute and funny when I’m really not.

I have good days and bad days but I think I as well have gotten to the point where any brattiness is just annoying. However unlike my dog, I can be replaced probably pretty easily and that scares me. I don’t imagine my dog likes being bad. I can tell by the way he shuffles around me after he’s been yelled at, how he listens to every word for a while after, that look in his eyes as I walk towards him, and how he tries to suck up to make it better once I walk away. I do the same… I can’t do anything besides hang my head and wish I was a better girl. Then try my hardest to NOT do those things again, and finally figure out how in the hell to win back his good graces.

Nina Toubale, Brighton England, Bondage and S&M

I should state that I don’t enjoy being a brat. My sass and stubbornness used to be something I took pride in even just a year ago. It was a way to keep people at a distance. I understand now how annoying it can be to constantly fighting with someone you theoretically care about for the upper hand.

So this is me publicly acknowledging that I’ve been bad for the bratting I’ve done and accepting any and all criticism that comes from it. I don’t want to be a brat, and any suggestions to correct behaviors would also be appreciated. Because at the end of the day my dog and I are in the same boat – just trying to figure out how to please our Masters.

Nina Toubale, Brighton England, Bondage and S&M

I hate you

I am frustrated again because I made a choice to cut you out of my life. I didn’t mention it to you because what would be the point you’ve never cared before or wanted to have a discussion about the matter. I suppose part of me hoped you’d miss me at least a bit. At least that you would think about me or notice my absence, but you didn’t say anything so I just went back to the other guys I had been talking to previously. I had to assume this was the end. Being stuck in this deadend relationship with some who doesn’t care about me isn’t making me happy so I need to walk away.

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