I Cry

I’m one of those people that cries…a lot. I cry when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m hurt, when I’m angry, and every emotion in between. I cry when my brain no longer has the words to express how I feel.

I cry during SM scenes as a bottom out of sheer pain.

I cry after my scenes as the connection with my top becomes palpable.

I cry during aftercare as a Top. It doesn’t happen often, but it does.

I cry during and after anal fisting. The root chakra is opened.

I cry immediately after I masturbate, nearly every single time.

I sometimes cry after sex. There are no words…the act of becoming one…to describe how that act makes me feel…

I like to think I am an articulate woman who can identify her emotions and their source. It’s an overwhelming feeling when there are such paralyzingly strong emotions within and no words to express them. When there are no words – there are tears. When I cry I am able to let go and truly experience what is in my heart, whatever it is I may be feeling at that time. There is nothing wrong with that. It is pure acceptance of self.

I love my tears. I will never stifle them.

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Feeling Like a Load Has Lifted From me Today

While i spent time as my sub self on fetlife today I realized that I do FEEL better about myself and my SUB urges to have a BDSM partner. Meeting my prospective DOM for the first real meeting was not as intimidating or alarming as i had imagined. it seemed “normal ” in that for the first three hours we did not discuss sex at all or our years worth of emails about kinks and bdsm,

Instead we had an enjoyable meal at a gay sports bar to watch a football game at the college level, discuss aviation, motorcycle racing, riding, and the political news. Then we went to a maritime museum for an hour and a half to see all sorts of exhibits and marvel at the displays. It turns out we have all kinds of common shared interests to build a conventional friendship versus a kinky one,

I thought our first meeting could end that way as we came to the end of the afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise to me that my prospective DOM cut to the chase FIRST by asking me to come to his Chevy surburban and look at the sex toys he had in its back seat expressly to show me.

It was both surprising, enjoyable and arousing to be handed a whole plethora of them over the next half hour. I think my DOM candidate was very pleased at my reaction in a matter of fact and adult way. He did not make a move on me or I om him which I appreciated as we do need to understand each other VERY well before we proceed to play together.

Afterrwards the next day he told me that he had wanted to see me so much that he ignored for the time being that he had a raging temperature of 101! That really says a lot to me as to HOW Interested he is in me becoming his SUB…

It has made me very receptive most especially as he DARED to expand our connection by presenting me with a cock cage and asking me to try wearing it so he can determine if it is big enough for me to wear or what size I would need to be in chastity to him as my DOM…HOT HOT HOT!\

i feel great having FULLY OUTED MYSELF to Him! And as well to myself!

Kassem Toubale, Nina Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale

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