A grown-ass man who has his shit together.

^^^^ Cliff-notes version.

A friend. Perhaps with benefits. A companion.

Compatability & chemistry count.

I’m 5’10. A large lady. Size 14 is my “skinny size”. Size 20 at the moment.
If my size is an issue to you.. Go no further.

Like many my age, I have baggage.. An elderly parent in failing health. Master is quadrapaligic. In a rehab facility. Improving by baby steps, but, after several years, still in need of 24/7 care. He is why I live where I live. I see to His care and to His affairs. Again, if you’re not OK with this, I get it, but go no further.

Why post on Fetlife? Because I need one who understands my needs, even if they are not the one to meet them.

After a decade living and working at sea, I’m re-estabilishing a land-based footprint. I’ve got a car, a house & a job. I’m still figuring shit out.

I’m looking for someone to have fun with.. a meal.. a movie.. enjoying common interests.. exploring & sharing something new.. Munches, dungeons, play parties..

A sense of humor, flexibility & intelligent conversation are greatly appreciated.

Some vanilla flavor.. Passionate SCUBA diver, An avid reader.. Practicing yogi… Exploring food & flavor… Red wine.. Dark chocolate.. Pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.. strong, hot, fresh & black. Taking the road less traveled. NJ Jets fan. Fixing up an awesome old house.. Growing veggies & herbs.. beekeeping.. chickens.. farmer’s markets..

If, given the above, you care to continue the conversation, drop me a line.

Nina Toubale | United Kingdom

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Bondage, Submission, Devices
kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage
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Nina Toubale | United Kingdom

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