The First Time I Was Sold

She was jolted awake as the truck hit a bump. She woke remembering what just happened; being sold at an auction to this new Master that she didn’t know at all. Thankfully, he was a masculine built man. The van tossed her around inside her carrying case. She was in the van with another slave, that she did not know. The girl looked scared as if this was her first time as well. They both were gagged and collared. Their wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs were on but not hooked to anything. Their tags from the auction hung from their collars. She went back to the beginning of the auction in her head and even though she was directed to keep her eyes down, she was able to glance at where she was.

They had walked in, her on her leash from her Master. Her bra and panties were brand new and her body was polished with glistening gel. Her Master gave her a kiss on her forehead and said to her, “Be well sweet slave.” and he proceeded to walk away as she started to follow she was choked by the extent of the leash. She stopped and fell to her knees, tears welled up into her eyes as she knew she would never see her Master again. She was terrified at what was to happen next. She raised her head and looked around her. She was stunned and numb at the same time.
The place was full of naked men and woman all had chains and collars attached to them. This place looked like the inside of a huge barn there was a platform that encased the whole place and there was many slaves attached to chains to the platform. In the middle of them was people with clothes on, they were mingling with each other and pointing to different slaves along the platform.

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She was then told to follow, as she was processed. They cleaned and checked her teeth, her eyes and nose. They looked into her ears and put their fingers through her long reddish brown hair. The big slave Master told her to spread her legs as he went down her body looking for bumps and scars. He told her to bend so he can check her holes, she obeyed.
He touched her but not in an erotic way but in a professional and la de da sort of way. He tagged her and pulled her towards the stairs to the platform. Her long legs started to shake nervously as she was led to the numbered spot on the platform. She closed her eyes and the thoughts went back to her previous owner. She wished she was there right now. She tried to tune everything around her away.
Another jolt from the van and she was back with the other slave. She listened to her quietly weep. She had heard plenty of that today standing on the platform.

How humiliated she had felt having the slave Master tell her to bend and spread her legs for future Masters and Mistresses to view her teeth to her holes. She wondered what would happen to the slaves that were not sold. What did they do to them? She had no answers.
Finally, she heard a man on a microphone saying the auction would begin. Everyone was directed into another room while the slaves stayed chained to their spots. The room got quiet, and all that was heard was slaves sobbing.
She was led into the auction room – the slave Master put her through her positions. She felt like a trained animal doing tricks for the audience. He then proceeded to auction her off. She was numb and oblivious to what was happening. The next thing she heard was people clapping as she was led away. She was injected and placed into a travelling kennel and she started to drift off into a deep sleep.

She felt the van stop and the driver got out and she heard voices outside the van. The man jumped back into the van and the van jolted forwards and then back. The beeping from the reverse was getting her anxious as it backed up closer to a big garage of some sort. The back doors swung open and a woman that was collared and a man both were naked and helped the two new slaves out of the their kennels and onto their feet.

The sister slave said “You are now owned by Master Anthony, You will address him as Master only”
“We are going to clean you up and prepare you for inspection by Master, do you understand?”
Both replied sleepily, “Yes”
“I am referred to as, Sister and this is Number 2”
“Yes Sister”
They proceeded down a long corridor and into a room that looked like a beauty salon.

She was amazed at the way these slaves were kept here. She had never known anything like this in her life. They were pampered and massaged and oiled down as if they were the Master and Mistresses. This has proved to be something new and exciting, her thoughts started to get her excited sexually and she was ready to meet her Master.

As they were finishing her up and applying the make up very little was needed since it was for an inspection and not a session. Sister said, “Now you will meet your new Master. You are not to look at him, eyes down at all times. He will know if you are trying to take glances and that will not be in your best interest.”
“yes, sister” she replied
“He is a sadist, so don’t think because you were pampered you will be spared of any torture. He loves to bruise and he is also into needles”
“oh my, Sister I have never had that done to me before.”
“Yes, I am sure he picked you because of this.” sister replied back

They walked into a beautiful library, the fireplace was going and in front of the fireplace was another platform although this one was covered in a soft deep burgundy carpet. Sister led her to the platform and told her to get up and kneel inspection position. She did as she was told. Sister left.


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She waited for a few minutes that felt like hours. Her mind was racing as her Master opened the door. She did not hear him come close to her and before she knew it he was before her. He raised her head by his fingers under her chin. She kept her lids closed, and he said.” No, little one, open your eyes, this will be the first time you will lay eyes on your Master.”
“yes Master” as she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful man standing before her, his chin was cut and he almost reminded her of Clint Eastwood, the guy from old westerns” Her body spoke for her as her thighs started to move.
Right at that instant he slapped her hard. “I let you look and you disrespect me with your body movements”
She was red faced and answered quickly, “I apologize Master it will not happen again”
“That I don’t believe” “you obviously have a high sexual drive” “Turn around, spread your holes for inspections” She did as she was told. He was right her juices were flowing and she was so wet from this inspection and knowing how handsome and in shape he was was all that she could handle. Just as she was thinking that, she felt a belt smack her ass. “OOOOooo” she gasped that was not expected in an inspection.
He smiled at the spunk in this little girl, he knew he was going to enjoy her fully.
“Stand up, hands behind your head, legs spread”
He went and sat in his chair and watched as the flames from the fireplace surrounded her body, he sipped on his drink, and thought to himself. “This is going to be a wonderfully fun slave”

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