Daddy’s Little Girl

I woke up to the sound of the doorbell, wondering if it was time. The sofa was warm and big enough for me to sprawl out. It was the place where I waited on him.. After thinking of what happens last time my cock ached, the thought of me answering the door in daddies little girl’s cloths again made the warm thick liquid drip from my cage. It had only been a month since daddy picked me up, gave me a home, and changed me. I did my best to obey his every wish, so when I opened a beg that contained my new lifestyle a nervous grin slid across my face. A chastity cage for my cock, far too small, a very tight thong, a black sports bra, a latex hood, an open mouth gag and a collar with a tag that said “Daddy’s Little Girl”. That day all of my belongings were thrown away and i was told that I could never contact anyone i knew ever again.

I removed my blanket as I got up from the couch as daddy had said I should and answered the door. It was an older man with a delivery. he looked at my face then at what I was wearing. Before he said a word I asked him to come in and take a seat. He seemed eager to come, he took a seat on the sofa. I murmured “could I please serve you sir?” he took another glace at my body and then at the females underwear I had on and shook his head up and down. Without another question I got on my knees and unbuttoned his pants slowly just as daddy had taught me. I couldn’t control myself after that I found my self sliding his large warm smelly cock into my mouth as my cock pressed against the sides of its plastic prison. He moaned and came quickly so I used my lips to suck every last drop, just as daddy taught me. I then handed him the paper and asked him if he would like to sign it.

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To my surprise he wrote his full name and number on the line next to the #25 and said his goodbys as he quickly shuffled out the door. I was done! I had competed daddy’s challenge! I had finally gotten the signature of 25 older men, It had been hard… my memory is blurry now but it must of been over a hundred men that had seen me cross-dressing for daddy, none of them going as smoothly as this one had. I sunk back into my spot on the couch and dosed off only to be woken by the door again only a half hour latter. The second the door opened I could smell it was him. I quickly hopped up to take his shoes and place them in the closet. Then I quickly showed him the paper with the 25th signature on it. He smiled down at me and said “Its time you earn your keep around here little girl”. I still had no idea what the point of the list was but i was happy that daddy smiled at me for completing it, he then grabbed me by my collar and dragged me to the bedroom. He then put my latex hood on followed by my tightest ass-less panties and by my open mouth gag that i loved more then anything in the world. He then locked me in the bedroom and told me to wait.

Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

The entire time I could her the dial-tone followed by whispers I could not take it anymore what did the list mean who was daddy talking to? It had been what felt like an entire day before i herd the door unlock. I couldn’t see a thing in my hood, but i could hear the sound of footsteps enter the room with some sort of equipment. I just kept hearing more footsteps coming into my room, until the latch on the door clicked. I herd daddy say “its running little girl this is your big moment”. At this point it made sense I finally realized what the list was, as a large cock slid into my throat threw my open mouth gag. for hours the group of older men took turns with my mouth and boy pussy at the same time. I used my tongue to make sure that every drop made it threw the ring and down my throat. A huge load filled my insides with warmth again and my little pussy was quivering at how thick the cock inside me was. after all the men finished cumming inside my boy-pussy I could smell daddy near my he grabbed me by the collar an directed me up on my knees. I could feel all the the warmth slowly seep out of my gaping ass. he said “your turn little girl” and then removed the cage I had become so accustom to “masturbate for all of these men… and the camera little girl!”. I quickly scooped some of the thick cum from below my ass to use as lube. “Tell them what you are little girl!” and with this I chanted “I’m a good girl!” “I’m daddy’s little cum-dumpster!” as I stroked my shriveled cock for the first time in months. But nothing happen i could feel that my cock which had once been avrage size was now no longer then an inch. I frantically rubbed it trying to make it grow back to its normal size when i realized there was no going back. Every week daddy had been buying me smaller and smaller cages…. to ruin my cock…. and it worked. I felt a small orgasm as a tiny drop of cum came out of my tiny ruined cock. Daddy had done it, where was no going back I was finally Daddy’s Little Girl.


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Nina Toubale - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   

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Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

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