His Little Girl (Erotica)

Sitting at the table coloring in my new coloring book I sing quietly to myself as I listen to music on Pandora. Knowing to have my headphones in during quiet play time I am completely focused. The feeling of hands on my shoulders I gasp in surprise and turn my head to see my Daddy standing there. A smile is on my face as I giggle and pull out one of my earbuds. “Was I being too loud Daddy?” I ask wondering if I sang too loudly while coloring. “Not at all baby, I wanted to see how you were doing.” He smiled leaning down to kiss my forehead sliding his hands down to caress my breasts gently.

Wearing a white tank top without a bra he slid down into the shirt with ease teasing my nipples which became hard under his touch almost instantly. Biting my lip squirming in my seat while a soft moan escapes as I close my eyes feeling each light pinch and tug on my nipples. “Daddy…” the words came out like a whisper soft and moaned in such a way I could only imagine how much he wanted to grab and carry me up into the bedroom. “Yes baby?” he asked using the tips of his fingers to tease my hardened nipples in small circles.

Moaning more pressing against the back of the wooden chair I continue to squirm slightly breathing heavier “I want you Daddy.” I gasp and bite my bottom lip having a hard time keeping still. He chuckles and stops teasing my nipples but letting his hands remain on my breasts resting them there. “Why would you want Daddy?” he asked with a tone that sent shivers up my spine. “Because Daddy makes me feel really good.” I whimper and look up at him with pleading eyes.

“Does he now?” He asked and slid his hands out slowly sliding the fingertips across my skin making me quiver to the point my breathing was labored. “Yes Daddy, please I want you.” I begged squirming again feeling how wet I was in my pink lace panties and nothing else. Pulling my chair back he got down onto his knees spreading my legs while looking into my eyes. As he kissed my inner thigh I moaned and felt my legs shake as he bit his lip before sliding his tongue along the lace teasing me. Grabbing my legs he held them up and spread open as he continued to slide his tongue along the front of my pussy making me moan louder and quiver.

With little effort, he pulled the fabric to the side and started licking up and down onto my clit. Each slow lap of his tongue I couldn’t resist moaning and wonder how wet he had made me already. My question was answered as he slid two fingers inside me slowly with ease from how much he had gotten to me. “Oh Daddy..” I purred and leaned my head back with pleasure.

Standing suddenly he picked me up from the chair and carried me to the couch to sit on the edge of the cushion. Looking up at him confused and flustered I resisted begging him to keep going. Without a word, he walked out of the living room leaving me extremely teased and aroused. Whimpering softly I looked at the doorway wanting him to come back but I kept still and didn’t move. It had to have been at least ten minutes as he came back with silk rope and a vibrator. Seeing both items made me blush and squirm again becoming excited.

“Why do you look so excited my little?” he asked purring the words making me whimper again. “I want it, both of them Daddy and you to keep going.” I begged him biting on my lip again feeling the urge to touch myself but resist. “Keep your arms up baby like I’ve shown you.” he told me as I did it without hesitation to which he tied my wrists together with my palms together and fingers interlaced.

Once tied securely he kneeled down and started pulling my panties down slowly to the point it was agonizing. Once they were off he began kissing my toes softly giving each one attention before doing the same to the other foot before kissing along the side, each kiss soft and gentle. Once reaching the ankle he started leaving a trail of kisses up my leg, to the inner thigh leaving me a moaning and whimpering mess. Once at my pussy he smirked and looked up at me “you are soaking wet baby girl.” he purred before licking my clit again making me gasp and legs shake a little.

Holding my hands together tighter I moan and squirm at each lick and lap of his tongue. His mouth sucking and teasing me as I grew closer to squirting already. Right before I could he stopped and gave my pussy a quick smack making me cry out in pleasure. “I didn’t say you could squirt for Daddy.” He said standing up making me protest “but Daddy!” I whimpered as he did it again “I told you no buts.” his tone being authoritative. “Yes, Daddy.” I told him softly biting my lip breathing heavily still as my clit throbbed.

Looking down I could see him poking against his black pajama pants making me want it out and deep inside of me being in any hole he wanted as long as it was inside. “Do you want that baby?” he asked reaching in pulling his cock out with ease stroking it in front of me maintaining eye contact. “I do Daddy.” I answered nearly breathlessly as I watched him play with himself.

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“Open your mouth then.” he told me getting closer so I could reach the head letting my tongue slide along it before taking him into my mouth moaning. His hand gripped my hair tightly as he started thrusting slowly into my mouth. Letting my tongue press against it I close my eyes and let him take over, using me as his fuck toy. It wasn’t long before I heard a deep moan and his grip on my hair grow tighter. “Oh baby girl..” he said starting to go faster hitting the back of my throat sliding in and out with ease.

I gag and feel tears well up in my eyes as he kept going, unable to swallow my drool it leaks out and onto me making a blush burn my cheeks. After a while, he stopped and pulled out enough to where the head was the only part of him inside of my mouth. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you now Princess?” he asked keeping his grip. With a couple of nods, I look up at him and feel more drool drip off making me more embarrassed.

Chuckling he pulled out and looked down at me, and how much I had drooled. “Did my poor baby drool all over herself and Daddy?” Blushing more it almost hurts “I did Daddy.” I tell him softly in almost an ashamed tone of voice. “No need to be so embarrassed, I like it.” he purred before getting my legs into position shoving deeply inside of my pussy to the point I squirted. My voice rang out in the house as I moaned loudly and tried to catch my breath feeling my legs shake. “Keep squirting for me baby girl.” he said thrusting hard and fast to the point my breasts bounced hard.

With little to no effort, I did as he asked squirting over and over moaning to near screams as he took me as his. I lost track of time as he kept pounding and moaned along with me holding onto my legs tightly before stopping only to cum. Feeling each hard throb inside he filled me to the point it leaked out onto the soaked cushion below me. Lowering my legs slowly he breathed heavily as he undid the rope on my wrists sitting down beside me. “Feel good baby?” he asked wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his right hand. “It felt amazing Daddy, I can’t move my legs.” I told him softly feeling sleepy.

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Nodding he pulled me onto him to cuddle on the couch as I felt sleep trying to take over. “Rest baby, we will take a nap right here.” he told me kissing the top of my head. That was all I needed as I smiled and nuzzled his chest before falling into sleep quickly.

I am sorry if this one was too long, I hope you enjoyed it though!

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