Saying it out loud/Your desire/my fire

Saying it out loud/Your desire/my fire

He’s coming. Kneeling, naked, head bowed to the floor, I wait.
The door opens. He enters. He stands above me. I feel his desire. The energy that surrounds us could ignite the room.

He instructs me to keep my eyes closed. He removes his coat. Still on my knees, I wait.

He growls. The sound makes me tremble.

He orders me to stand and, with my eyes remaining closed, to bend over and place my palms on the floor. He rams his fingers inside me from behind and I come instantly. My body shakes and I scream from pleasure.

Something is different. He’s different. He is the hunter and I am his prey. I knew that there would be no stopping him. I knew that tonight he would take whatever he wanted and he does.

He fucks me everywhere. When we finally hit the bed he tosses me around like a toy. He grabs my hair, forces me to my knees and makes me take his cock deep into my mouth, so deep I gag. He pulls me up and kisses me hard on the mouth.

He throws me back on the bed, parts my legs and licks my pussy until I come over and over. I can’t move. I beg him to stop and my mind travels in a million directions as I try to catch my breath.

He fucks me again, harder and deeper then before until finally he releases himself deep inside me.

Thank you, Sir.

nina toubale
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