Shocking Discovery

Prepping to trim back the hedges, I had noticed some wild bushes starting up the tree. Now I have trimmed hedges for some time. It isn’t hard to do, but ya gotta have a touch.I took a pic just to see the difference.

So I started up on the trunk..It seemed like it took hours to get around it. Working down the trunk it got thicker…..and thicker. Finally I had to bring out the big blade to get through the thick over growth.

So looking back and comparing to the recent after pic, I noticed something fucked up In the before pic. A Shocking Discovery…….Fucking Cock Mullet. No shit. I’m surprised his two neighbors had not submitted a formal complaint. A couple of fucking nuts and an asshole at the end of the cul-da-Sac. Chuckles…. Sac. I could not believe what the fuck I was staring at. Short fucking hair on top and long down his back. Shaking head.

Ive been damaged. That shocking Discovery has caused me to take affirmative action.
That shit is gonna be waxed. Fuck giving him a fade. I’m no fucking barber.

I needed a laugh. 


2 years since I came out as LGBTQ!

Facebook memories reminded me that I officially came out as bisexual (now pansexual) two years ago today.

I’ve never regretted coming out as LGBT and supporting equality, even though I’ve dealt with a lot of judgment and abandonment for it, and society can be a very scary place for us sometimes.

I’m so much happier now that I can just be myself, without feeling terrified that these feelings for people other than men somehow made me “broken” or “disgusting” or unworthy of being treated with respect and admiration. I used to be so scared and humiliated to even admit these feelings to myself because I thought they made me a bad person. I also had the fear of Hell when I was religious.

Trying to convince myself that I was “normal” resulted in even more anxiety and depression. Coming out of the closet, and getting involved in a community that adores and respects me just as I am, has helped me SO much.

Although I still have anxiety and depression, it’s getting better every day, and I know that being able to openly be myself has been a huge part of it. So thank you to everyone who has supported me as LGBTQ, and who has supported LGBTQ equality, because you guys have helped me a lot these past couple years. I needed your support and acceptance while I was figuring myself out and healing from life traumas, and you came through for me.

I’m still quite stressed about some money stuff, but even that is getting better and my anxiety has been manageable despite it. Some days I feel almost giddy because my cheerful happy creative self is back, and I’m slowly regaining my physical strength as well.

2017 is going to be a fantastic year. I have decided. It shall be full of music, art, kinky shenanigans, geeky everything, and hopefully healthy friendships and relationships. And lots of kitty snuggles. And probably copious amounts of chocolate.


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