Passion in the rain…

It’s raining outside & you can hear the rain drops on the roof & on the ground. The air outside is warm somewhat humid. I get a note on my phone saying “Morning”. I respond “Morning how are you”? Silence for a while then I delve into asking “what is your day is like”? His reply is “not much just waking up”. I’m cringing in my pants wanting him to just come over and take me. I reply “I can entice you by taking you to another place consider coming over” His reply was “Hummm…..ok let me get into the shower. I’ll be over soon!” I reply “make sure you bring a change of clothes your gonna need it”. He sais “oh? ok” I am now going crazy! My heart is pounding fast my body is yearning to have his strong arms around my body passionately kissing every inch of me. I scramble to get myself together. I put on nothing but a white long dress shirt. I am completely naked underneath. Perfect for the rain outside. I open windows to hear the rain hitting the ground and cars going by anticipating his arrival. My inner thighs are soooo very wet & juices are now beginning to flow so nicely. 5 minutes seems like an eternity…by the time 15 minutes go by his car arrives. I am now melting in the chair I am sitting on. He knocks on the door softly. I jump into action to take what I have been patiently waiting for. He is standing there slightly wet no umbrella wearing a sweatshirt and dark blue jeans hands in his pockets waiting for my invite into my house. I grab his sweatshirt and pull him into my place and cannot get enough of his stature! staring at his strong body! He says nothing… “what is his mind thinking” I say to myself. I don’t care at this point. He takes off his shoes and goes to sit down on my couch, I tell him no follow me. He follows me in another room the doors to the backyard are open. You can clearly hear the hard rain pouring down. “I have this passion to be taken in the rain I say”

Come lets be free and passionately fuck in the rain. Please take me!! I ask humbly. By this point I have begun tugging at his pants and removing his belt & damn near ripping off his clothes…I am salivating as I am revealing his body inch by inch! I am glued to his luscious ass as he is now completely naked ohhh my! I already have a thick blanket to put on the grass ready. Out in the rain we go… me in my white shirt getting immediately drenched. You can see everything being I’m naked underneath. Our hair is sopping wet & the passion is now fierce!! We’re on the blanket now letting the rain fall upon our HOT bodies. I begin kissing his succulent lips. They’re so sexy, tasty and delicious. He begins by quickly flipping me over and grabbing both of my hands above my head holding them tight such that I cannot move. I am soooo turned on. He leans down to continue to ravish my neck and kiss me more intensely! I am so invigorated by this point I cannot think. He is very aware of this and continues to take me to this place of ecstasy! I struggle to free my hands I want to caress his HOT body badly! I am free and do just that. My hands are now roaming everywhere I can all the while the rain is drenching us.

The passion is so fucking off the charts! I am grabbing his delicious ass and stroking his HUGE cock at this point. He is in such a stellar place he lays down to let me have at it. I am salivating and licking every inch from the bottom to the head of his amazing shaft all the while caressing his balls. He is loving every minute of it as he caresses my wet hair pushing my head down onto it. I so want him to give it to me so badly now. His hands are running all over my body as I am enjoying every part of him, his legs feet & his chest. Both of us cannot wait anymore it is so evident that we both want to be taken right here right now in the pouring rain! He sais nothing and gets up flips me onto my back. The grin on my face is priceless…I am in Heaven now! He knows that & in silence he plunges his cock into my wetness! It begins off slowly.. then a little faster.

While he is thrusting he puts his right hand onto my neck just holding it gently as he is pounding me with conviction! My hands automatically go up above my head. No words are spoken except my moaning and softly saying give it to me good let me have it! OMG! yes!! yes!! yes!! that’s it baby give it to me!! He wants more so, I get up and on my knees I go. He caresses my ass & puts his hard shaft into me. I groan with pleasure. It feels amazing to have him in me. He thrusts me back & forth grabbing my shoulders thrusting faster and faster until we both let loose our orgasms “AHHHHHH OOOHHHHH SHHHIITTTT” in the wet rain as it is still falling onto our bodies. Now we’re just laying in the rain letting droplets hit our body as he holds me and I lay in his arms…Ahhhh I say that was the best hot fuck I’ve had ever! Both of us are spent…we go into the house, he changes into his dry clothes & a passionate kiss ends our magnificent moment in the rain!

~The end ~


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