I am NOT an Object, Sorry (NOT Sorry)

You came on strong. Using flattery and kind words, you introduced yourself as a kindred kinster. You seemed like a possibility, so I allowed you into my FetLife and Kik worlds.

You were talkative which was nice. Not all men are. But a sickening trend almost immediately developed. You were quick to respond and quite chatty, but only if the subject was kink, my body, or ways I could be used. I kept talking to you, baiting you one way or another, to see if I wasn’t just imagining things.

I tried to talk about myself as person. I tried to show you my personality. You weren’t very quick to respond thes times and when you did, your reply wasn’t much more than a simple, “Ok”. I even tried to hint at how it’s unfortunate when men regard me as less than I am. That went right over you.

So no more guessing. I ask you straight out: You don’t think of me as anything other than a physical object for your pleasure, do you? Your answer surprised me with it’s crude, blunt directness……

……I only think of you as a big, sexy, fat cow. Don’t you want to be a fat heiffer?

When I push back, saying I’m a person first, saying I’m a woman with a heart and soul, saying I want to be treated as such, you surprise me yet again……

……Remember you’re just a fat cow!

Aaaaand block.

You will never learn about the struggles and joys from my past that helped make me who I am today. You will never appreciate the educated, hard working professional that I am. You will never know my hopes and dreams nor be with me as I attain them. You will never benefit from the patience, sweetness, kindness and empathy I’m known for. You won’t be with me as I explore the desires that stir the passion within. You won’t be the one I please or share my life with.

I am so much more than a thing. And sorry (not sorry) that you could not see that.

Nina Toubale

Kassem Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale, Nadia Nuseibeh, Nolie Gaudesaboos, Camille Mercat, Tim Mercat, Oumaima El Idrissi, Ella Joy Lawrence, Reuben Hunt