Karma Can Be a Bitch!! the famous words, What goes around comes around. Karma is like a disguise. It comes in may hidden forms, yet seems to make an impression on most people. I personally believe in, because of what I have seen.

People come in may disguises in life, peel away the disguise and see what they are really like underneath it all. Peel away the layers of their niceness, loyalty, and trust and see what is left behind that disguise. See what is left when all the layers fall to the floor and your left with a vulnerable human. Is that Karma who is a bitch?

We carry our baggage like a person at the airport waiting for a trip to somewhere. We hold it tight to us, and its visible to others around us. Its our valuables, our life, and memories that we hold on to. We don’t want strangers touching our baggage, because we are vulnerable to what life presents us at the moment. When we are vulnerable at the right time and at the right opportunity our baggage can be stolen or lost due to a disguise that crosses our path, we are left with questions that shape our daily life.

People can hold on to their baggage in many different ways, shapes, and forms. If someone confronts you with your baggage, would you admit the mistakes and how you have transformed your life and evolved from them, or would you deny your baggage and hide it and never learn from your mistakes and keep repeating them until you are left alone in this world?

Not everyone is a saint, nor everyone is a sinner. We are humans that bleed, humans that express emotions, and humans that express feelings through our inner souls everyday. People can be nice to you in person, yet be mean to you behind your back.

I have met some people in my life that were generous, awesome, and loyal friends. When friends desert you, because of bad choices or bad mistakes, it makes you wonder, were they really friends or just a bad piece of Karma that sticks to the bottom of your shoe and you cant get rid of.

We face the real world everyday. We deal with internal struggles and also with conflicts due to friends, family, and work. We all have baggage, and for someone who says that they don’t, that person is not living their life in truth and honesty. We all have demons in life that are still with us to this day, we have support systems to help us, but yet people in this world don’t want to see us stronger, but want to see us fail when we try to improve our daily lives and set goals to conquer our demons.

We all make mistakes, and learn from them. Like touching a hot pan on the stove, you never touch it the second time, because you know its bad from the start.

Karma can be a bitch.


Nina Toubale


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