The Woman’s Multiple Orgasms and Ecstasies Bill of Rights

OK, this isn’t the “Reader’s Digest” version. I took as long as I would if I were actually the one making love with you, what I think you would want from me, and what I would want to give to your beauty.

And if something seems repetative, don’t waste time complaining–just move on….

I’ve seen things like “Sub’s Bill of Rights”, “Slave Bill of Rights” and so on. What I haven’t seen is a Woman’s Multiple Orgasms, Ecstasies and Aftercare Bill of Rights. One or more of these probably exist, but I wanted to put together things I’ve learned about women on FL and see if I can come up with something both men and women can read; something to remind us that a woman isn’t a THING, but a mind/body/soul that when working together—by her and for her sensual, sexual, intimate, open pleasure, multiple layers of ecstasy, sense of safety, trust, giving—the experience for both her and the man she’s with–can be something there are no words for.

And happen as often and many times as she desires.

Here we go!

This is an off the top of the head thing; you may disagree with me or feel there are more rights than I have written: #So copy, add, paste and send them out so we can all learn#.

=I am a woman. Whether there is a role I enjoy or form of pain, reward and punishment, I desire, I have the right to be treated at all times as a woman, not a “thing”.

I have the right# to be treated as a “thing”—but being so is my decision first, not yours.

I have the right# to be seen as a divine gift—not sometimes or when you’re feeling horny—but when I’m happy or sad, happy or angry, awake or asleep, every second of every day.

I have the right# to be treated as a divine gift—and here’s a truth you should always keep in mind: The more you treat me as a gift with the myriad of tangible and intangible attributes and abilities divined me in my creation, the more gifts I will give you. The more you grow me, the more I will have to give you—and want to. Not because you require it, but because I wish to.

I have the right# to you understanding, accepting and acting accordingly: You may only require something of me that we have discussed and agreed you may require of me.

I have the right# to be treated as a sentient being. Just because you have chosen a dominant personality, it does not mean that I am not intelligent, able to think for myself or have you equate your dominance as a superior quality. There is a saying you MUST live by: #A king with no subjects is not a king#. Dominance without respect equals no turn on, no anticipation, no wetness, no orgasm—no blow job.

#That being said#:

I have the right# to be revered by a man for my mind, body and soul. If you do not revere the whole of me, you will not make my pleasure or ecstasy a priority—just something that’s “hey—that’s cool you came, too”.

I have the right# to have a man in my bed who is inquisitive, not ignorant. Just ask me—I guarantee you that if what you’re asking is something that will bring my mind/body/soul sexual or erotic pleasure, I’ll answer you.

I have the right# to NOT be your instructional video. If you don’t find learning about the kaleidoscope of places and ways my body can be brought to quivers and orgasms a “joyful responsibility”, I have no responsibility to show you.

I have the right# to not have showing you my sweet spots being my responsibility, but my pleasure so that you can show me the beauty you say I am in ways that make me feel and know that I am beautiful to you.

I have the right# to be explored pore by pore on my skin from head to toe, front to back–before you even begin to think about touching my breasts, clitoris, vagina or anus. I was created with the capacity to be brought to moans and quivers all over my body, not just the easy spots. The easy spots I can do myself.

I have the right# to sensual massages that while making me feel warm and wonderful, also shows us that I might be made to move or become wet on the 3,654,395th pore on my left leg.

I have the right# to your focus in bed. If you want to think about fucking another woman or wonder who’s winning the game, you know where the door is.

I have the right# to have a lover who doesn’t believe in “frigid”—I get damned hot the more you play with my senses.

I have the right# to you bringing me multiple little orgasms all over my body—the more you do, the more you get in return.

I have the right# to be treated as multiply orgasmic.

I have the right# to you not believing, but KNOWING that I’m multiply orgasmic because you take your time to make certain that you know you are a masterful lover by not stopping until I have multiple orgasms, big, little—the intensity isn’t your first priority; getting me there, and often is your first priority.

I have the right# to you showing me that you know the difference between orgasm and ejaculation–by bringing me to multiple orgasms before I even feel about to cum.

I have the right# to a lover who understands how my clitoris and labia can be brought to joyful ecstasy—and how you can ruin the ecstasy by over rubbing or licking or nibbling them to the point where they become numb or painful.

I have the right# to have a map of the world in my bedroom—and you to have the map to my sweet spots inside and out imprinted in your soul.

I have the right# to relax, knowing that you’re not going to pull your fingers, tongue or cock out until you’re certain I have orgasmed over and over until I almost can’t go on before you slide yourself in, cum, roll over and fall asleep or go home.

I have the right# to a lover who, when I push your head or hand toward somewhere I want you to kiss, lick, nibble, caress, grope, squeeze because I’m starting to tingle like crazy there—and you to push my hand away because you sense I have deeper to go where you are—and that knowing how to hold me at bay properly will only increase my depth of ecstasy and orgasm. I also have the right for you to be learned enough to know that not moving with me can cause the spot aching for pleasuring to lose its yearning and us both miss out on another way to drain my body of every ounce of energy by making me orgasm everywhere you can, every way you can.

I have the right# to you being my cheerleader—when I’m on my knees, I hear you cheer me on—so when I’m starting to tense up in ecstasy, I want to hear you happily join in by saying “don’t stop! Keep going! I’m here!”—and you don’t pull your fingers or penis out until my vaginal muscles let go.

I have the right# to you demanding to prove me wrong every time we’re making love or having sex—that clitorally, vaginally and anally, I am multiply orgasmic—and that taking the time to try different ways is YOUR PLEASURE, not A CHORE.

I have the right# to you learning how to last inside me. An egg timer is for eggs, not seeing if you can last long enough to send me to heaven—and keep me there before you cum. And you should be embarrassed to only be a “2 minute” or “5 minute” man. My girlfriends will all look at you pathetically after they learn during girl talk that we’ve never been late for a movie or dinner reservation because you kept going and going and going….

I have the right# to fall asleep that night knowing that even if we didn’t soar through the universe, that you truly tried your best because you feel I deserve it.

And finally…

I have the right# to know that the gift of my femininity, sexuality, sensuality, thoughts and feelings is in the hands of the right man—not the right man just for today.

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Nina Toubale

University of Brighton, Media Studies, Brighton UK, Wah Kiki , Juicy Crew Brighton, PRYZM Brighton, Brighton Rox, Shooshh Brighton

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