No, I wouldn’t go back

There is a question, a rather Foolish one, in fact, that asks If you could be 17 again, Somehow Bend time until then touches now And step across, Would you go back And do it all Over Again? I don’t know about any of you But The aches and pains Stakes of adulthood, clearly understanding […]

Tras la puerta… Capítulo 6

Nina estaba molesta. Nina estaba hirviendo. Nina estaba CABREADA y ARRECHA. Le tocaba ser la sumisa de ese patán. – ¿Estás bien? -preguntó Johan, rompiendo el hilo de sus pensamientos. – Sí, Señor. -contestó Nina aún mirando sus zapatos. – Alza la cabeza -ordenó Johan. Nina parpadeó y dos lágrimas de impotencia cayeron sobre sus […]

Six little words

It’s an amazing feeling when six simple words change your day. Ping- went the text message. “you know you are mine, right?” A remarkable glow happens, your eyes light up, your smile gets brighter. You almost hum to yourself. “yours? what makes you ever think you could control me?” your heart does flips and almost […]

Fresh Meat & Low Hanging Fruit: New Girls

You’ve all fucking seen it. New girl, young girl, pretty girl, single girl. She’s new to your munch, she’s new to the scene, she’s new and she’s shiny. Does she have a tragic backstory? Does she not know what she likes yet? Is she only just 18? Oh? All of the above? 10 points to […]

Daddy’s Little Girl

I woke up to the sound of the doorbell, wondering if it was time. The sofa was warm and big enough for me to sprawl out. It was the place where I waited on him.. After thinking of what happens last time my cock ached, the thought of me answering the door in daddies little […]

His Little Girl (Erotica)

Sitting at the table coloring in my new coloring book I sing quietly to myself as I listen to music on Pandora. Knowing to have my headphones in during quiet play time I am completely focused. The feeling of hands on my shoulders I gasp in surprise and turn my head to see my Daddy […]

Sticks and Stones

As a child I grew up with the saying Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. I thought in a lifestyle where we were supposed to be open and non-judgmental that I would never see this occur…. The realization that words do indeed hurt injure and possibly cause permanent […]

The seventh wave . . .

This year i’ve rode all the waves, all mayor life event. Divorcing, agression that comes with it, telling my kids their mom and dad are divorcing was the hardest thing i have done in my life. Then still living together for nine months, in one bed, with a man who hated me. Arranging all the […]

Because I Share It With Him

We talk about the cat a lot. It’s embarrassing, really. We have to verbally share with each other a detailed (and constant) report on what the cat is doing, might be thinking, may want, is experiencing physically, is capable of experiencing emotionally or remarkably did (you know, like tipping over a candle). Or we just […]

Why I think, “Princess by day and slut by night” is a great identity.

I was reading a post that was saying people who list that they are looking for “Princess by day and a Slut by night” is a horrible identity and promotes a sexist and slut shaming philosophy. While I understood where the Op was coming from, the problem that she failed to realize is that there […]