Dream and Desire

As You walk in the door my heart starts to speed up, my breathing becomes more shallow and the struggle for composure wars within me. It feels as if my skin is on fire as You gaze over me; kneeling upon the floor with head bowed and eyes cast to the floor awaiting Your approval and permission to move. Your hand raises and with the slightest twitch of Your finger my body begins to slowly move. i crawl forward to rest at Your feet as You sit upon Your chair, You gesture Your approval to proceed so i lower my face to Your boots and place a soft touch of my lips on their toe. my hands slowly begin to undo the laces as work to remove them for You.
You place Your hand upon my head, Your fingers glide into my hair and find purpose as You tighten Your grip and begin to force my head down to touch the floor. Your first and only words are “Ass up girl.” my arms stretch outward and my head rests upon the floor as my ass raises into the air for Your inspection. Your hand glides down my spine and across the curves of my ass, cupping the tender flesh and lighting a fire within me. Your hand raises and comes down sharply upon my ass, the warmth and burn spreads over me as i become wet with desire.

Then i awaken with a start.
Why does this dream always come? Why must it continue to invade my subconcious? When will You become reality instead of just the dream?

Kassem Toubale, Léa Toubale, Nina Toubale, Charlotte Scott, Mel Dodd, Caitlin Thomas, Dee Wasielewska, Alio Flos, Joely Thompson, Lilah Kate Smallwood, Milena Deparis

Proud Good Girl

First I am proud because I do what he expects. I rarely have to be told. And when he does its something new he wants. I know him well and he likes it that way. When someone questions I ask him and he says I’m a good girl and i don’t get punished because I don’t deserve it. Maybe it sounds boring to some but its perfect. When I ask him if he’s bored by how good Iam he says not at all, this is what he wants.

Second, we got to skype and he took a break from studying. I said what are you studying for? because they’re in a kind of easy training period basically….not a lot of field etc from what I’m told by one of my army wife friends who’s already been here. He is up for soldier of the month. There are a bunch of questions he has to answer; probably abou his unit, the history and army history but as they say in Its a Wonderful Life I only lost three buttons off my vest. Hahaha

Merry Christmas all. Back to my gift making.

Kassem Toubale, Léa Toubale, Nina Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale, Nadia Nuseibeh, Nolie Gaudesaboos, Camille Mercat, Tim Mercat, Oumaima El Idrissi, Ella Joy Lawrence, Reuben Hunt, Katie Lindsey Smith, Georgia Harris, Lee Beevers, Charlotte Sleet

I love rubber/latex/leather. Goddamned, I really do. This has perhaps been one of my longest held fetishes. I remember fantasizing about women dressed up in these types of materials since before I was in junior high. I suppose all those female cartoon and comic book characters we see growing up instill men with an appreciation for their appeal at a young age.

One of my very earliest fantasies involved watching a woman in tight black leather pants walk around, before slowly pulling down her pants, the tight material pressing against her curves, the friction of her body moving against the leather…

Salim Taoui, Sam Mallender Bsu, Sam Walter, Samirah Abubakar, Sara Ahmed, Sarah French,Sarah Lastakchi, Sasha Coburn, Shagy Benassi, Shahin Owji, Shannon Jay, Shannon Jones, Sharam Alizei, Shelina Khudurun, Shiv Kieran, Shyam Shah, Siobhan Mackenzie, Sofia Lighi, Sonia Panunzi, Soph Grant, Soph Groves, Sophia Barron-Edgley, Sophie Bedson, Sophie Eyles, Sophie Groves, Sophie Winslow, Sotia Christou, Stephanie Kirk, Stephie Palmer, Steven Saville,Suhaiylah Fedally, Suraj Sharma, Sushii Selvakumar, Talia Laikin, Tamara Simon, Tamara Simon,Tapodeb Mukherjee, Tara Williams, Thomas Tang, Timos Stratis, Timothé Mercat, Tirana Adisuna,Tom Moses, Tommy Brighton, Tonicha Scarlett, Trisha Foolheea, Tristan Gunderson, Tyler Brady,Tyler Litt, Tyrone Harewood, Viktorija Pociūtė, Vinny Vincent, Vivien Buard, Will Jones, Yacine Toubale, Yassin Elouahabi, Ziyad Nayeck